Ty Shamblin

Ty Shamblin will represent Santa Barbara County as United Boys & Girls Clubs’ Youth of the Year.

United Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara County has named Carpinteria Club teen member Ty Shamblin the organization’s Youth of the Year. The top honor went to Shamblin after a selection process that considered teens from the organization’s five clubhouses.

“I was so impressed with both (finals) candidates (Shamblin and Michelle Arzate of Goleta). They come from two very different circumstances but are both driven,” shared Lompoc Police Chief Pat Walsh, who served as a judge on a panel of six and included CUSD Superintendent Diana Rigby and City Council member Fred Shaw. “They realize what they have at the United Boys & Girls Club, and that it is helping them succeed and teaching them values. It was interesting because both candidates made a similar comment. One of the questions asked was, ‘what’s something that youth are facing and challenged with today?’ They both shared how social media is a huge factor and how it’s a false reality. People are striving for clicks and likes, but it is really about how you treat each other. I think that was really insightful.”

After Shamblin learned that he would be representing the 2,800 members that UBGC serves, he shared, “tonight, I learned that I really can give back more to my community. There’s a lot of good to give. I hope other people see that with hard work and commitment anything is possible.”

Shamblin will next compete at the Coastal Area Council Competition in March 2019. If he should win there, he will compete for State Youth of the Year honors in Sacramento.   

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