Due to impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic and increased legal risks, the city of Carpinteria has decided to not sponsor production of the “Touring with the Candidates” video for the current election cycle. 

Traditionally, the video provides City Council candidates with an opportunity to introduce themselves to the community while touring Carpinteria with a videographer. Although the city understands that the video is appreciated by many members of the community, the current context presents risks that would make the video’s production impractical and imprudent, stated a release from the city. 

In future election cycles, the city may consider partnering with community organizations to engage in a “get out the vote” campaign, which may include the “Touring with the Candidates” video or a similar video production. 

“The city appreciates our residents understanding the situation and hope they will take every opportunity to get to know their City Council candidates and to vote on Nov. 3, 2020,” said City Manager Dave Durflinger. 

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Vote Mark McIntire

Sad to see City Council and City Manager Dave Durflinger cancelled one of the best Carpinteria traditional ways for voters to see City Council candidates touring the city streets beaches, recreation areas, farms, ranches and neighborhoods while being videotaped for all to see.

Certainly this can be done at a safe social distance for all concerned. I make my own MAKING CARPINTERIA BETTER THAN EVER videos almost every other day now. I walk around our city commenting on issues and requests voters have in this election. I host these videos on my YouTube Channel Playlist. You can see them @ https://www.youtube.com/user/mmcintire65/videos

Drop me a line and tell me what issues around the city you want me to video and comment with my positive views to make our city better than it ever has been for all of us.

Thank you fellow Carpinterians

--- Mark McIntire

Candidate for Carpinteria City Council

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