From Friday morning to Sunday night, the Beach and Concha Loma neighborhoods will have two-hour time limits on parking.

Starting this Friday, May 8, the city of Carpinteria will implement temporary timed-parking limits and a new residential permit program for the Beach and Concha Loma neighborhoods. The move is an attempt to foil growing crowds at the beach, according to City Manager David Durflinger. 

“We want people to be able to enjoy the beach and to keep beaches open,” said Durflinger, “but in order to do that we feel that additional parking restrictions are warranted to mitigate the amount of people at the beach.”  With greater turnover in parking, the city hopes there will be greater turnover of people using the beach throughout the day—lessening peak times for congestion that make social distancing difficult. “Using the beach two hours allows people to enjoy beach without overcrowding,” Durflinger said.  

From Friday morning to Sunday night, the Beach and Concha Loma neighborhoods will have two-hour time limits on parking. Residents will receive by mail two parking permits per household exempting their vehicles from the restriction. Residents with a unique need for more than two, can request additional permits from the city. “We want to be flexible with residents who are being impacted by the extraordinary amount of visitors this time of year,” said Durflinger.

The timed-parking restrictions are expected to continue every weekend until issues of beach crowding subside; however, the policy is still being tested to see if it makes a positive difference or needs adjustments. On Monday, May 11, Carpinteria City Council will decide on ratifying the ordinance. 


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they say this is to limit people's time at the beach for fear of covid-19 exposure it's b******* it's about Revenue and they never take these things away the parking meters will be around way after this phony pandemic is it over and I highly doubt it'll do anything for people leaving trash


Two weekends ago it was a mess. Cars littered everywhere and lots of trash not making it back from the beach as well.

Thanks for the new policy. I am curious to see how this pans out.


Agreed. It was horrible.

Recently I've been seeing a lot of tow trucks around Carp? I wonder if they're towing folks who stay longer than the permitted 2 hours.

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