A student in the Carpinteria Children’s Project pre-school program on the Canalino Elementary School campus has a severe peanut allergy that puts the student at great risk if exposed to peanuts or products that have been made or mixed with peanuts. Canalino keeps a data base in the district’s “Aeries” system of allergies that students may have, and the preschooler’s mother and father asked CVN if a notice could run in the paper as peanut shells—possibly from someone in the neighborhood surrounding Canalino School feeding birds—have been found in the preschool yard on the first two days of the school year.

The young child must always have an epi pen nearby in case of an allergic reaction that could put the child into anaphylactic shock. The student’s mother wrote, “The concern is a child picks up the peanut shell and puts it in his or her mouth or has it on his or her hands, and then puts them in his or her mouth, which could trigger a reaction. It’s unfortunate, but people need to be educated that this is a real risk for not only children, but adults with this allergy.”



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