Knew he had a warrant

On Dec. 2 at approximately 4:40 p.m. a deputy noticed a man on a bike at the intersection of El Carro Lane and Azalea Drive, and knew that he had a felony no-bail warrant for his arrest. When the deputy pulled his vehicle up to contact the man, the man reportedly ditched his bike and hopped the 5’6” fence of a nearby residence. The deputy noted that the 32-year-old man had a history of fleeing from deputies in Carpinteria by leaping fences, entering yards and homes and once using a tractor to try to evade arrest. Citing concern for public safety, the deputy stated that he chose not to pursue the man, but forwarded the report to the DA and requested that a charge of resisting arrest be made.

Places to be

On Dec. 7 at noon approximately, a deputy observed a man driving a sedan at a high rate of speed northbound on Highway 101 as the deputy merged into traffic from Casitas Pass Road. Noting that the man in the sedan had to brake hard to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of him on the highway, the deputy then described how he tailgated and then made abrupt lane changes and braked hard in front of the car he’d been following in a reckless manner.  At Padaro Lane the deputy made a traffic stop and when he approached the man’s vehicle he immediately smelled burning marijuana inside. The man’s driver’s license had three suspensions for negligent driving, but the man said he was unaware of that, and that he was trying to get to work at a liquor store he owned. The 20-year-old man denied smoking marijuana, and said he never drove when he smoked, “especially when I’m driving like that.” When the deputy looked confused the man reportedly said, “Like I was, like you saw.”

Another deputy arrived to assist, and searching the man found a set of brass knuckles in his rear pocket, which the man claimed were for “personal use,” according to the report. The man had a glass marijuana pipe with some burned marijuana in the bowl, and several vaporizing devices in the vehicle. The reporting deputy noted that the man apologized for his manner of driving when he was pulled over and that he had said, “These people! I got places to be, you know?” The man said he had a doctor’s note for the marijuana because he was under 21, but that it was not with him and had expired the day before, according to the deputy’s report. The man was also in possession of a butterfly knife and was charged with driving on a suspended license, following too closely, violating the right-of-way, speeding in a construction zone, possessing marijuana under 21-years of age, and possessing the knife and brass knuckles. His vehicle was impounded and the man was informed of his suspended license, cited and released at the scene.

Rolling up the drunks

On Dec. 8 at approximately 1:30 a.m. a deputy was dispatched to a bar on Linden Avenue on a report of two men possibly fighting at the back of the establishment, and one of the men having urinated inside. When the deputy arrived, he spotted four men sitting in a vehicle behind the bar. When a man in the back of the vehicle opened the door, the deputy noted a strong smell of alcohol inside, and told the man to remain seated and not open the door. A second deputy attempted to speak with another man in the back of the vehicle and that man reportedly became aggressive with him. The first man deputies spoke with again attempted to get out of the vehicle, and when deputies told the men to come out, they immediately judged that the men were too intoxicated to care for themselves and placed them under arrest. Another man was determined to have urinated in the bar and he was picked up by a family member, but the two men were transported to Santa Barbara County Jail.

Nightmare before Christmas

On Dec. 12 at approximately 7 p.m. a man was disrupting a performance in a church on Linden Avenue, and drinking alcohol mixed with orange juice in a one-gallon container. When the reporting deputy arrived, he was directed to a balcony area where he found a priest talking with a heavily intoxicated man. The deputy told the man to come outside and the priest reportedly said, “Yes, you should go outside.” Once outside, the man attempted to leave by bicycle causing several vehicles to stop, then pushed the bike, letting it go to the side of the street. The man was arrested for public intoxication and transported to Santa Barbara County Jail.  

Other reports

Warrant arrest: Carpinteria Avenue

Burglary: Casitas Pass Road

Vandalism (graffiti): Sterling Avenue

Burglary: Sandyland Road    

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