Symptomatic abscesses  

On Nov. 2 at approximately 9:20 p.m. a deputy noticed a vehicle backed into a parking spot near Bailard Avenue and pulled his vehicle into the adjacent spot to investigate. Shining a spotlight, the deputy reported that he saw a man—later identified as 33-years-old—in the vehicle “look around the cab of the truck” and “move an item to the center console and cover it with a bandana.” The man in the truck said he’d covered his marijuana pipe with the bandana, and also told the deputy that his truck was not registered. The registration tabs were from 2017, but the number 7 was marked over to look like a 9. Consenting to having his vehicle searched, the man then admitted that the pipe was for smoking meth, and the deputy reportedly found a digital scale and several baggies, which the deputy noted are “commonly used to transport narcotics.” The reporting deputy noted that the man’s left arm and left check had several abscesses about the size of a nickel coin and “actively leaking a clear liquid.” The deputy issued the man a citation and recommended that he get medical help for the abscesses.


Rail line fisticuffs   

On Nov. 3 at approximately 8 p.m. a deputy responded to the Amtrak station on a report of several people fighting on the train. A conductor met the deputy and told him that the people were still fighting on the upper deck of the train. When the deputy went upstairs, the people fighting had been separated. He waited for back-up deputies then spoke with a man who had been fighting and had dried blood on his face from his nose. The man said he’d been sitting by himself when several drunk and rowdy people got onboard the train in Santa Barbara. The deputy noted a strong smell of alcohol on the man. Several people on the train had filmed the incident and showed deputies images of the man standing up, calling a woman a “b----” and throwing a punch. The people with the women defended themselves, according to the deputy’s report, and the man was punched several times. The man was placed in handcuffs then taken to the Carpinteria substation, where the deputy determined that he needed medical attention. The man was cited on a promise to appear and medics took him to the hospital.

A stiff drink

On Nov. 8 at approximately 7:35 a.m. a deputy was instructed to contact Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital staff regarding two patients who had possibly been drugged while drinking at a bar on Linden Avenue. The deputy then contacted two sisters, 29- and 31-years-old, and one of them told him that they were “avid drinkers” according to the deputy’s report, “and that they could usually have several rounds of alcoholic beverages and still have their wits about them.” The sisters arrived at the bar at about 6 p.m., and after two drinks, the deputy noted, the woman said they blacked out and woke up the next morning complaining of nausea. Believing they had been drugged, the sisters went to the hospital to be evaluated. One of the sisters learned that a coworker had taken them to their hotel room when they were acting out of character, but she did not suspect any sexual contact and believed that the coworker had safely taken them to their room. A doctor reportedly took urine samples but the results were not available at the time of the deputy’s report. The sisters could not recall any suspicious activity or people when they were at the bar.

A man in capris

On Nov. 12 at approximately 9 p.m. a deputy patrolling the area of Carpinteria and Bailard avenues saw a man lying on a bus stop bench near a bicycle that was partially in the roadway. Noting that the man was in capris trousers and a light windbreaker as the night temperature was dropping, the deputy reported that he stopped his vehicle to check on the man’s welfare. The man awoke when the deputy tapped the bench with his boot, and the deputy noted that the man’s speech was slurred as he spoke. According to the deputy’s report, the man did not give a direct answer for why he was sleeping on the bench, but later admitted that it was because he had nowhere else to go. The deputy noted that the man’s clothing was “messy and unkempt with multiple rips and tears in his capris pants. He also appeared to have some major swelling in his feet with a few scabs.” However, the man denied medical attention. The deputy searched the man and stated that he had to keep a firm grip on him to keep the man from falling over. In his report the deputy noted that the man told him that he’d had a bottle of wine and two beers to drink. Judging the man unable to care for his own safety, the deputy arrested him and transported him to Santa Barbara County Jail.

Other reports

Public intoxication (arrest): Elm Avenue/9th Street

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