Not your beers

On April 29 at approximately 2:45 a.m. a woman saw a man enter the walkway in front of her 9th Street residence and attempt to drag off a cooler with various alcoholic beverages inside. She banged on the window to indicate to the man that she saw him attempting to steal the cooler and he abandoned his robbery attempt, jumped the fence and ran toward Holly Avenue. The woman told deputies that she had never seen the man before and that she would probably not be able to identify him if she saw him again. A K9 unit searched the area but did not find the suspect.

Unsafe decisions

On May 6 at approximately 2:45 p.m. a deputy was dispatched to a motel on Carpinteria Avenue on a report of an intoxicated woman refusing to leave after check-out time and then driving away in a black sports car. The deputy found a car that matched the vehicle’s description parked in front of a drugstore at a shopping center farther west on Carpinteria Avenue. The deputy noted that he smelled alcohol on the woman’s breath when he spoke to her as she sat in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. The deputy could not prove that the woman had driven the car while intoxicated, but she stumbled when she exited the vehicle and could not complete a “horizontal gaze nystagmus test.” The woman had “a hard time” answering the deputy’s questions and admitted drinking two beers at 8 a.m. The deputy believed the woman had driven to the shopping center from the motel, and was therefore “not making safe decisions.” The deputy arrested the woman for public intoxication and left her vehicle parked in the shopping center lot.

Smoking illicit substances

On May 7 at approximately 11:30 a.m. a deputy observed a SUV parked at angle in a parking stall on El Carro Lane. The deputy ran the vehicle’s plates and found that the registered owner had a warrant for his arrest. Upon contacting the driver, the deputy discovered that he was the registered owner and placed him under arrest for the warrant. The man then told the deputy that he had crystal meth in the front pocket of his pants and more under the driver’s-side floor mat. The deputy found the meth both in the man’s pocket and under the floor mat of his vehicle, and also recovered a pipe with burnt residue from “smoking illicit substances.”  The man was arrested and taken to Santa Barbara County Jail.

A new tube and tire

On May 8 at approximately 9 a.m. a deputy responded to a call on Walnut Avenue from a 60-year-old homeless man who said another man had muttered derogatory comments and punctured the tire of his bike with a knife. The homeless man had been sitting by a flagpole on Walnut Avenue when the incident happened, and the man he accused of slashing his bike tire then rode away on his own bicycle. The man said he did not know the man who punctured his tire, but that he would press charges if deputies found him. The total damages amounted to $27: $7 for a new tube and $20 for a tire.

Resting nystagmus

On May 9 at approximately 4:20 p.m. a clerk from a business on Casitas Pass Road called the Sheriff’s Office to report an intoxicated man leaving the parking lot in a vehicle, driving eastbound toward a shopping center. A deputy responded to the parking lot of the shopping center and found a vehicle matching the description the clerk had provided and also spotted a man matching the description that had been given of the driver. The deputy reported that he asked the man to sit down and answer some questions. A strong odor of alcohol was coming from the man, and his answers to the deputy’s questions were incoherent. The deputy reported that he observed “resting nystagmus and that (name withheld)’s eyes were glassy.” The deputy determined that the man was unable to care for his own safety and arrested him for public intoxication. Due to the valuables in the man’s vehicle, it was towed and impounded for safekeeping.  

Other reports

Vehicle break in: Carpinteria Avenue

Counterfeit $100 bill (purchase of $90 sunglasses): Linden Avenue

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