Out of hand

On Nov. 16 at approximately 2:50 p.m. deputies responded to a residence on 9th Street on a report of an unknown man unconscious on the floor of a child’s bedroom. A woman’s three-year-old son reportedly told her that a man was on the floor of his bedroom. The woman lives in the house with her mother and three children—the three-year-old, and two 11-year-olds. As she was out picking up her son, the woman said that her daughter told her that she had heard something in the bedroom but thought it was her grandmother cleaning the room. The deputies came into the room and found a 25-year-old man splayed out on the floor on his back, halfway in the closet, with no shoes on and his pockets bulging. The reporting deputy patted the man down, and jewelry fell out of his pockets. When he was roused the man kept falling back asleep, which the deputy stated is consistent with the use of opiates. The jewelry belonged to the 11-year-old girl who lives in the house. A search of the man’s backpack revealed a meth pipe and a syringe. The man said that he met a friend at the creek down the road from the residence. He said they had jumped the fence and went into the home. The man said that his friend had told him to grab his “sh--” and get out. The man was on probation from the County of Santa Barbara. He was arrested and transported to Santa Barbara County Jail.   

College boys catch a break

On Nov. 21 at approximately 2 a.m. a deputy saw three men standing near the trunk of a parked sports car in the Bluffs parking lot, which closes after dark. As the deputy approached the vehicle, he reported that he saw a marijuana bong on the top of the trunk and the three men grabbing items from the trunk and moving to the opposite side of the vehicle. Commanding the men to come back to the rear of the sports car, the deputy stated that they complied. They each produced fake IDs from Utah that showed their ages as 21, but they admitted the IDs were fraudulent and stated that they were college students and produced university ID cards, according to the deputy’s report. Two of the men were 18-years-old and one was 19-years-old. Because they were wearing baggy clothing the deputy stated that he detained them in handcuffs to search them. The vehicle belonged to the parents of the 19-year-old man, and he first said the deputy could not search it, then relented and another deputy found several “marijuana products” according to the deputy’s report. “Being that the subjects were young,” the deputy reported, “and me believing that taking them to jail or charging them with a felony may disrupt their college future, I made the decision to cite and release the subjects.”   

The man in the truck

On Nov. 27 at approximately 9:50 p.m. a deputy observed a truck following a sedan eastbound on Carpinteria Avenue at a distance of less than a car length. At the left-turn signal to Casitas Pass Road, the reporting deputy stated that the truck flashed its high beams at the vehicle and the deputy also stated that he’d observed the truck swerve over the dividing line on Carpinteria Avenue, which made him suspect either a DUI or road rage incident. After turning onto Casitas Pass Road, the sedan turned into a supermarket parking lot and the truck followed. When the woman driving the sedan pulled into a parking space, the reporting deputy wrote that the man driving the truck drove perpendicular to the parked sedan and rolled down the window. The driver of the truck then parked in a spot nearby and went into the supermarket.

When the deputy parked his car near the man’s truck to investigate, the woman in the sedan flagged him down. The woman reportedly told the deputy that when she got off work at a restaurant on Linden Avenue, the man in the truck pulled up to her and her friend, who was with her. The woman said that she and her friend feared something would happen, and that they didn’t know the man in the truck, so they got in their respective vehicles and left. The man then followed her in his truck, the woman reportedly told the deputy.

Due to the suspicious circumstances, the deputy called for backup and when the man came out of the supermarket, the deputy went to speak with him. Reportedly, the man became defensive and denied driving erratically or that he was following the woman. The deputy frisked the man for weapons then asked him to sit down as he was reportedly making “furtive movements.” When the deputy went to speak with the woman, another deputy stayed with the man who had been driving the truck.

According to the deputy’s report, the man called out the woman’s name as the deputy was speaking with her. Since the woman had previously said she didn’t know the man who’d followed her, the deputy asked her if there was more going on in the situation than she was telling him. The woman at first said she still did not know the man, but the deputy stated that when she was brought closer to the man she then began naming people they both knew and said something about her brother-in-law’s sister-in-law, according to the deputy’s report. Suspecting that the man was following the woman and that whatever his intention was had been thwarted by the deputy’s presence, he chose to document the incident as it did not, in his judgement, rise to the level of stalking.

Other reports

Burglary: Via Real

Counterfeit watch sales: Casitas Pass Road

Narcotics possession (heroin/arrest): Carpinteria Avenue

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