Appearances matter

On Nov. 24 at approximately 3 p.m. a deputy spotted a 24-year-old man walking eastbound on Carpinteria Avenue, and noted the man’s “disheveled” appearance. The deputy parked his vehicle and spoke with the man, standing to the side “to be sure I was not blocking his path,” the deputy reported. The deputy asked the man if he worked at a business in Carpinteria where several employees had been arrested for using methamphetamine. The man said he did work there and when asked, the man reportedly said that he’d last used meth eight months previous but then said it had been a week since he last used. The deputy noted that although they were in bright sunlight, the man’s pupils were dilated which is a symptom of meth use. The man then said he’d used meth that morning. Detaining the man, the deputy determined that his pulse was elevated as well, and then arrested him for being under the influence of a controlled substance. Searching the man, the deputy found a “usable quantity of a white crystalline substance in a small glass container,” according to his report. The man was transported to Santa Barbara County Jail.

Reckless in Carpinteria

On Nov. 30 at approximately 3:25 a.m. an off-duty Santa Barbara police officer called the Sheriff’s dispatch to report a reckless driver heading southbound on Highway 101. The off-duty officer reported that the speeding vehicle was a police-type cruiser. The off-duty officer had exited at Santa Clause Lane and the vehicle followed him, turning off the headlights and using the cruiser’s spotlight on the off-duty officer’s car before returning to the highway. A deputy entered Highway 101 southbound at Casitas Pass Road and immediately spotted the vehicle speeding down the highway at approximately 85 mph. The deputy made a traffic stop at Bailard Avenue, then asked the driver why he had been driving recklessly and using his spotlight on other vehicles. The driver denied using the spotlight, then said that he’d used it because of the fog but the off-duty officer said there had been no fog. A records check revealed that the man was on probation and a search of his vehicle turned up a California “exempt” license plate, which the deputy confiscated and “booked for observation,” he noted in his report. The man was sighted for reckless driving and released at the scene.

Much too much

On Dec. 2 at approximately 8 p.m. a sport utility vehicle hit a sedan that was stopped at the intersection of Via Real and the Santa Ynez bridge. Two women were in the sedan, and reported that the sport utility vehicle had made a right turn on the Santa Ynez bridge and crashed into the driver’s side door. The driver in the sport utility vehicle attempted to keep going, but the two vehicles’ side mirrors were caught together. The driver then put his sport utility vehicle in reverse, backed up too fast, spun out and went down an embankment, severely damaging the fence of a nearby apartment complex.

The women in the sedan said they saw multiple men leap out of the vehicle and run away. When deputies arrived, they immediately detained a man who was sitting on the ground nearby. According to the reporting deputy, the man smelled of alcohol and appeared to be heavily intoxicated. He was placed in the back of a patrol car and suspected to have been the driver.

The women complained of pain, but denied medical assistance. Deputies then spotted a man lying on his back in the bushes nearby and detained him at gunpoint, commanding him to show them his hands. Once the man was in custody, the reporting deputy noted that a key was found on the ground where the man had been laying, and that it fit the sport utility vehicle. That man was determined to have been the driver and he was also heavily intoxicated, according to the report. Deputies found multiple empty 24 oz cans of beer in the wrecked sport utility vehicle. The first man the deputies detained was not released, as deputies did not believe that he could safely care for himself due to his level of intoxication. Both men were transported to Santa Barbara County Jail and the vehicle towed.

Other reports

Breaking and entering (mobile home park): Via Real

Warrant arrest: Casitas Pass Road

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