On Monday evening, Feb. 11, a group of mothers with children in the Carpinteria Unified School District started an online petition titled, “Save CUSD–Maureen Claffey needs to resign.” “Carpinteria Unified School District Trustee Maureen Claffey needs to resign from her position on the CUSD Board of Trustees,” stated the petition, “For the last two years, the CUSD Board has battled dysfunctionality due to Trustee Claffey’s behavior and comments on and off the dais. She continuously makes false accusations, inaccurate statements, and pushes a personal agenda. She has created a hostile environment in her interactions with fellow Board members, CUSD staff, consultants, supporters and stakeholders.”

The first e-signature was signed by former CUSD board member Jaclyn Fabre, who said, “the petition was started by a group of moms, myself included, with absolutely zero school administrators or staff involved.”

On learning of the survey, Claffey defended her record and told CVN, “This is a distraction from the real issues at hand, ongoing financial issues and more importantly, the 15-point drop in student achievement.”

Within hours of going live, the petition had over a dozen signatures. At press time, 66 supporters had signed, some by name and some anonymously.

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I’m sorry but to reject a gift from a business who only wants our children to be better educated. All I can say is where can I sign this petition

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