A Showscapes gardener spruces up a city parklet along Linden Avenue. 

If you’ve been to downtown Carpinteria or visited a city park lately, the vibrant, healthy landscaping has likely caught your eye. That’s because a massive weeding, pruning and planting effort is now underway by new city contractor Showscapes Urban Landcare Management. 

As of May 1, the Camarillo-based company has been hired to maintain and enhance the city’s 109 acres of parkland, 7.7 acres of downtown planters and parking lots, as well as the grounds of all city buildings. 

“Carpinterians have a lot of pride in their town, and the Showscapes crews are giving them even more reason to love where they live,” said Tiffany Smith, Parks & Facilities supervisor. “We chose Showscapes from an impressive pool of qualified contractors because this company has a long history of high-quality work and specializes in sustainable landcare practices.” 

Owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Jerry and Kimberly Monahan, Showscapes is an American Green Zone Alliance Certified Service Pro. The two have created a zero emissions eco-friendly plan for the city of Carpinteria. They utilize 100% battery powered equipment: all mowers, handheld equipment, backpack blowers, electrostatic backpack sprayers for sanitizing playground equipment, electric club car utility vehicle and managers electric/hybrid vehicles.

“With Showscapes onboard, our Public Works crews can again prioritize maintenance of our city infrastructure while the Showscapes crews ensure that the landscaping downtown and throughout our parks system is healthy and beautiful,” Public Works supervisor Robert Howard said.

Two Showscapes teams work fulltime to maintain all of the city’s parks and natural preserves, public rights-of-way and the grounds of city buildings. An irrigation tech will oversee the city’s irrigation needs, and a plant healthcare expert will ensure top-notch care of city landscaping. The company’s green approach to urban landscape management incorporates water conservation practices, integrated pest management and native plant care. 

“We’re thrilled to have Showscapes working with the city,” Smith said. “The company is in lockstep with the city’s commitment to environmental stewardship and to enhancing the natural beauty of Carpinteria.”

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