Brett E. Lovett

Former insurance licensee Brett E. Lovett, 46, of Camarillo was arrested last week on multiple felony counts

Former insurance licensee Brett E. Lovett, 46, of Camarillo was arrested last week on multiple felony counts, including theft, burglary, forgery, embezzlement and conspiracy after allegedly defrauding at least nine victims of close to $1.2 million. Several of Lovett’s known victims are senior citizens he allegedly met and befriended at a place of worship in Carpinteria. Other victims sought legal aid advice from Lovett through his Legal Aid Information business. Victims entrusted Lovett with their money for investments that never existed or for financial management purposes. Lovett has been charged with misappropriating the money for his own personal use and to re-pay some of his victims—sometimes using his Power of Attorney and Promissory Notes to embezzle funds from victims.

A 15-month investigation conducted by the California Department of Insurance, Investigation Division in Valencia, revealed that Lovett defrauded his victims between 2011 and 2016. Robert C. Burlison, 64, a licensed California attorney and owner of Burlison Law Group in Pasadena, is alleged to have aided and conspired with Lovett in at least one of the crimes. He was also arrested. Both men were released on bail. Anyone who has information on Lovett or Burlison, or believes they may have been a victim, is encouraged to contact the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office at 568-2312.

Lovett has a history of embezzling money from members of the places of worship he attends. In 2007, he was ordered to pay more than $675,900 in restitution, fines and sanctions by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). He never paid and had a permanent injunction placed against him. Between 2002 and 2005, he also fraudulently solicited money from individuals.

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