Robert Howard

Robert Howard has 20 years of experience in the field of public works. 

It didn’t take long for Robert Howard to confirm he’d made the right choice accepting the position of public works supervisor for the city of Carpinteria last month.

In his first week, Howard drove away from his home in 100-degree Santa Paula every morning to happily arrive in sea breeze-cooled, 70-degree Carpinteria.

Howard, who enjoys his new job for more reasons than the weather, spent the last 20 years working for the city of Santa Paula’s Public Works Department. He was born in Oklahoma but has lived in Santa Paula since 1969.

Carpinteria’s Public Works Director John Ilasin worked with Howard in Santa Paula and attests to his people skills and technical know-how. “We’re thrilled to have Robert leading our hardworking public works crews,” said Ilasin. “He brings the right mix of leadership experience and infrastructure expertise. The city of Carpinteria is lucky to have him.”

Howard calls himself a “tree guy,” and is committed to maintaining the health and safety of Carpinteria’s street trees. He takes pride in keeping roadways clean and well maintained, and he looks forward to helping the City improve its streets thanks to new funding from Measure X.

Community members and city staff have been very welcoming, Howard said, noting the dedication shown by the public works crews that he manages. “These guys are hard workers and committed to keeping the city looking good.”

In his spare time, Howard enjoys golfing, hiking, camping and barbecuing. He’s married to his high school sweetheart, and they have two grown children.

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