The Canadian agricultural company Future Farm Technologies Inc. has announced that it is entering the final planning stages for the construction and operation of a cannabis research and development facility in Carpinteria. The facility will be one of two locations for the jointly owned company that Future Farm is in the process of forming with Rahan Meristem, a global agro-biotechnology company.

The build-out consists of construction of the analytical lab, which will be the core function of the facility, the purchase of its equipment and the recruitment of researchers. Once work is completed in late March 2019, the company will conduct research in areas such as cell culture, molecular genetics, analytical chemistry, phenomic analysis and computation. Future Farms hopes that the Carpinteria team’s findings and ongoing research will lead to “the development of valuable elite cannabis strains for sale to large growers and to highly efficient tissue culture production so that the elite strains can effectively become commercialized,” according to the company’s press release.

In addition to direct sales of elite cannabis strains, the new company will consider licensing the proprietary technology it is developing to sophisticated cannabis growers across the globe. The protocols developed will provide the software, services and processes that set the conditions for elite clone cultivation on a rapid scale to allow growers to realize the highest profit margins possible.

Future Farm has holdings throughout North America including California, Massachusetts, Florida, Maine, Puerto Rico and Newfoundland. The company’s mission is “to advance sustainable agriculture through production of wholesale and retail cannabis products, including hemp.” The company holds an exclusive, worldwide license to use a patented vertical farming technology that, when compared to traditional plant production methods, generates yields up to 10 times greater per square foot of land.


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Decision makers for the community,

There's a simple decision making tool that we all learned in grade school called the "Pros and the Cons". Perhaps, it should've been used.

-Tax dollars (check)
-Jobs (check)...
-Providing alternative medication (check)

-Daily trade parade from the south (oops)
-Trimmigrants all year round (oops) For the record; I'm pro-Immigration
-Added traffic (oops)
-Armed guarded fortresses (oops)
-People trying to break into the fortresses (oops)
-Near schools (oops)
-No housing (oops)
-More nitrogen & pesticide runoff into our ocean and groundwater (oops)
-Grow lights 24/7 (oops)
-Water....what water? (oops)
-1.5M for 800sq. ft. home (oops)
-Padaro Lane will be owned by the new "Legal" of course (oops)

When we break it all down it's still a drug, so is wine (grapes) and beer (hops). But people aren't killing others for that killer pinot or IPA. There's many other places in California that are more conducive for weed factories and labs.

There's only several unspoiled beach villages left in California, and we just lost one of the best.



Carpinteria is on the ground floor of a new multi billion dollar Industry. I personally don’t use cannabis however I know people who do. Some of these people who, if they where taking old outdated pain medications, would most likely have died from liver or kidney failure. If you are so worried about a aroma that you don’t like but some people do like, our cannabis farmers are good neighbors and working on solutions. If you are worried about some kind of “moral wrong” think about the disservice you are doing to your children chasing away a chance for them to have a good middle class job in what is going to be a huge agribusiness. Maybe this will be the first generation in a long time who can stay in the Carpinteria valley because we will have well paying entry level jobs. If your perceived skunk smell offends you so much think about the economic future of our Valley how many times in your life time has a business been good for both our economy and environment and helping people’s health to boot.

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