Whether you’re looking for that special someone, going steady with the one you love or celebrating an anniversary, getting into that loving feeling comes with challenges during quarantine. In this four-week series, we hear from four couples on how they created romantic moments and proved that a pandemic is no match for love. 

Low key anniversary 

Angela and Jeff Sturdivan celebrated 22 years of marriage on Nov. 21, 2020. Jeff had planned to surprise Angela with a getaway to a Montecito Airbnb but that romantic vacation fell through when the Airbnb was cancelled because of Covid restrictions. Without missing a beat, Jeff was able to put together a homespun day of romance for Angela which included breakfast, a horseback ride on the beach and watching the sunset.  

 “The weather was perfect, and it was nice to get out into the fresh air and enjoy the horses and beach,” said Angela. “Even though we were only a few miles down the road, we felt a relief from the daily stresses we had been under and were grateful to have the opportunity to celebrate our marriage.”

 The Sturdivans met at UCSB and moved to Fresno after graduation before returning to the area to live in Carpinteria in 2009. They have three children, Dominic, 21, Brady, 19, and Nina, 17, who is a student at Carpinteria High School. 

“What stands out to me during our married life isn’t any big moment, but the numerous small ones that happen daily where we are humbled by the life that we are privileged to live together,” Angela said. “Some of the hardest times have been the ‘best’ times because it is then that we have been able to be appreciative of how one is strong when the other is weak.”

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