Jen Gonzalez

After many years as the Howard School’s first grade teacher, Jen Gonzalez will move to CUSD this fall as the district’s new reading and math intervention specialist. 

Longtime Howard School teacher, Jen Gonzalez, is tackling a new role at the Carpinteria Unified School District beginning this fall: reading and math intervention specialist for K–5 students. 

Gonzalez said she will be working at Canalino Elementary School for the majority of the time in her new role, which will focus on helping students who are struggling using individualized lessons and a multi-modality approach, tailoring the work to the student rather than the student to the work. 

In her role at CUSD, Gonzalez said her job is to figure out “what those holes (in education) are and to come up with a goal for each individual (struggling) child.”

“Once we have that goal, we start planning. We use evidence-based intervention programs that really work (…) I talk them through the problem,” she said. “I’m going to be supporting them with lots of questions and just checking for understanding and providing immediate feedback.” 

She added that she is looking forward to the challenge of working with students in different grade levels, and to providing students with the tools they need to be successful. 

“My philosophy (is) I’m committed to providing a quality education in a caring environment. I believe that all students can learn and are capable of being successful, and it’s my role to ensure this,” Gonzalez said. “If there are kinesthetic learners – that means they learn by doing – or visual or auditory learners, (we’ll focus on) what learning styles students will tackle the most.” 

Gonzalez said every child has a unique set of needs that must be addressed, which is where her primary job at CUSD will focus: helping students who are struggling. 

She said she is grateful for her time teaching at the Howard School, where she worked for over 12 years as an elementary school teacher but is also “thrilled to be working at the Carpinteria Unified School District again.”

Gonzalez received her undergraduate degree from UC Santa Barbara, her teaching credentials from Westmont College and a Master’s in education and technology from Azusa Pacific University. 

Gonzalez got her start teaching at Canalino, where she taught for seven years, prior to her children being born, she said. She took eight years off after they were born – choosing to tutor all ages during that time – but when her son reached kindergarten, she returned to teaching and took on a position at Howard. 

“We’ve forged many wonderful, long-lasting relationships with the family and friends we’ve made (at Howard),” she said.

“I’m ready for a new chapter in my life, and I’m ready for a new challenge. I’m so grateful for the many years I taught at Howard School and learning the (school’s) curriculum will benefit me in this position as an intervention teacher,” she added. 

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