Kevin Silk

Kevin Silk served the city for 26 years, retiring this month from his position as assistant to the city manager. 

Longtime city employee Kevin Silk has retired after 26 years with the city, having tackled the Thomas Fire, acquisitions of Bluffs 1 and 3 and El Nino rains during his long tenure serving the public. This month, Silk retired from his position as assistant to the city manager. 

Silk, who has lived in Carpinteria with his wife, Jan, since 1990, began working for the city on a part-time basis in 1994, before he was hired full time in 1996, he said. 

“Working with the city was a great opportunity for me and my family,” he said. 

During his time at the city, he worked on a number of projects, including the First Friday Committee and events, tackling the city’s web page, the city’s economic development plan strategy, the city grant program for community service providers, and overseeing the city’s public television programming and broadcasting.

He said he was fortunate to have “great relationships with my co-workers as well as council members over the years.”

“I felt that not only did I have a professional relationship with them, but also shared friendships and comraderie,” he said. 

Silk also cited his relationship with City Manager Dave Durflinger as one he will remember; the two have worked together for over two decades, he said. 

“(Durflinger) is such a great role model of hard work, fairness and dedication, and was always ready to share a good laugh,” Silk said. 

Silk’s friends and family saw him off last Saturday with a party at the Alcazar Theatre. Silk said he was humbled by the people who celebrated his retirement and acknowledged his contributions to the city. 

“(I) just wanted to thank the community of Carpinteria for all their support over the years, and for all the friends and family and community members that showed up to celebrate my retirement on Saturday. I’m so appreciative and humbled by everybody showing up,” he said. 

“Thank you so much and thank you city of Carpinteria.”

He advised that as a Carpinterian, you should “never honk at another car while driving in Carpinteria … you will likely know them. They could be a councilmember, or they might become your future children’s in-laws,” he laughed. 

Silk added that it is important to him to remember that as a city employee, one serves the “diverse needs of the entire community.” He said he hopes he made a positive difference for the Carpinteria community, and that the city is better off for his efforts. 

Next, Silk hopes to set up a small home studio to record music with his son Evan. He also hopes to travel more with his wife and family – and maybe, just maybe, buy a scooter to get around town on.

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