Jacob Claassen

Arborist Jacob Claassen, left, climbed 40-feet up a tree to rescue a crow that was entwined in fishing wire. Claassen gave the rescued crow to Connie Ferrer to take for care.

At around 11 a.m. on July 2, a young crow was spotted tangled in fishing line about 40-feet in the air in a tree located at the end of 9th Street and Holly Avenue. A resident of Arbor Trailer Park first heard the squawking.

For hours, neighborhood folks called nonstop to the entwined bird, beckoning her to fly free. But the crow soon became tired and hung limp, dangling from a branch.

In an effort to cut the crow free, David Endacott and the neighborhood posse tried various tactics, including taping together galvanized tubing with a knife fastened to the end, and attaching a torch to a drone. Hours of failed attempts, firemen were called to the scene but quickly announced that they could not perform any rescue services for the bird, according to Endacott.

Finally, Connie Ferrer—who readers may recall as one of the people who led the bird rescue at Albertsons a few months ago—called Jacob Claassen of Nimble Tree Care. Claassen arrived on the scene around 9:30 p.m. He threw a rope over a tree limb which was 35- to 40-feet in the air, and effortlessly ascended to free the frightened bird, carefully placing her inside a bag and gently lowering her.

Ferrer took the injured bird for care. Sources say the crow recovered swiftly and was released to the wild. 

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