Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts of Pro Deo Foundation distributes laundry “help” bags to community members in need during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Pro Deo Foundation, a local nonprofit based in Carpinteria, will be helping community members offset their laundry costs during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a press statement from the foundation released on March 30.

A relatively new organization in town, Pro Deo already has a big footprint, managing the afterschool program at Carpinteria High School and operating the Coastland store on Linden Avenue (which also functions as a catalyst for teen apprenticeships).  

“As a foundation, we are committed to the good of Carpinteria. During this crisis, we want to find ways to serve our community,” said Dave Roberts, COO of Pro Deo. “We think that the community of Carpinteria, the school district and the Santa Barbara Foodbank have done a nice job getting food to kids and families. We thought that perhaps we could find another way to serve the community. After thinking through a few ideas, we have settled on helping those who have to pay to do laundry in our laundry mats.”

Working with the Professional Wash Center on Via Real, and Linden Laundry, Pro Deo is offering laundry mat customers bags of laundry supplies to help offset costs. Each bag contains $5 in quarters, laundry soap and a dryer sheet. Bags are available free of charge to anyone who needs or wants one.

Laundry “help” bags will be available at the Professional Wash Center on Monday and Thursday from 8-10 a.m. and at Linden Laundry on Tuesday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 pm, or until supplies last.

For more information, visit prodeofoundation.org.

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