Glass House Farms

From left, Peter Dugré of CARP Growers, Graham Farrar of Glass House Farms, Nathalie Keller and Dan Thomas of SB County Foodbank exchange funds from the High Hopes campaign. 


A cross-country fundraising partnership between Glass House Farms in Carpinteria and Staple Pigeon in New York City, raised over $5,000 for the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County. Food banks across the country have seen demands dramatically spike due to the economic impact of Covid-19, and private relief efforts have been critical to sustaining food distributions and battling food insecurity. 

The campaign, called High Hopes and launched on 4/20/2020, was a fundraising collaboration through which proceeds from the sale of apparel and cannabis accessories designed by Staple and Glass House benefited organizations working to help get food to those in need. In total, the campaign raised $10,000. 

“The message of High Hopes is ‘we’re all in this together,’” said Graham Farrar, president of Glass House Group. “A great example of that was the realization that food banks in New York City are confronting the same crisis as those in Santa Barbara. It’s up to us as individuals and companies to meet the challenges of the moment.”

Staple Pigeon, a well-known design company, joined the 48-hour benefit by designing hoodies, sweats, T-shirts and cannabis accessories for online sales of the limited-edition High Hopes capsule.

Foodbank of Santa Barbara County has doubled the volume of food it served last year to date due to elevated needs from economic hardships brought upon by the pandemic. This recent effort involving Glass House Farms comes on the heels of The Farmacy of Santa Barbara and CARP Growers donating the proceeds of its give-back program to the Foodbank in May.

“Cannabis companies in Santa Barbara have been very active in helping the community,” said Dan Thomas, Foodbank chief development officer. “We deeply appreciate the leadership in this new industry in identifying and responding to urgent needs in the county.” 

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