Girls Inc. of Carpinteria staff and board members were joined by representatives from the Avantor Foundation on Wednesday, March 10, to unveil the new Avantor STEM Lab, located inside the Girls Inc. campus on Foothill Road.

Girls Inc. of Carpinteria Executive Director Jamie Collins welcomed guests and provided an overview of the new STEM lab, which was made possible by a $75,000 grant from the Avantor Foundation and will focus on STEM programming for middle and high school students.

Several members from Girls Inc.’s Eureka! program joined the unveiling event and tested out various stations and activities including Cubelets (robotics/coding), Magformers (engineering), digital microscopes with prepared slides, and Crazy Circuits. Guests had the opportunity to rotate through the socially-distanced activities and speak with the girls.

For more information about Girls Inc. of Carpinteria or the Avantor STEM Lab, visit

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And there you have it folks. The narrative has shifted from equal opportunity to equal outcome, which is creepy. In general, females gravitate towards more socially inclined careers while males gravitate towards more numerical and data driven careers. I recognize blatant social engineering when I see it. The creepy dictators who are pushing this agenda are working towards the elimination of personal freedom and anyone who tries calling them out will be labeled sexist and perpetrators of the non-existent "patriarchy," including me. I'll never be silenced though. I've been canceled many times and I'm still here!

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