Urban Yogis

Peace activist Erica Ford and the Urban Yogis lead a yoga class at the Santa Barbara Courthouse.

Dozens of community members and local youth, including Girls of Carpinteria members, participated in a unique yoga session on April 4 at the Santa Barbara Courthouse Sunken Gardens led by peace activist Erica Ford and the Urban Yogis, a NYC-based group whose efforts are focused on conflict resolution and violence reduction among youth. The event, hosted by Girls Inc. Carpinteria, was created to encourage youth to choose alternative pathways toward positivity and peace and to inspire peace and unity in the community.


Ford and the Urban Yogis lead an all-ages yoga program for at-risk youth in New York public schools, detention centers and at the Baisley Housing Project in Jamaica, Queens, as a means to inspire youth to choose alternative pathways toward positivity and peace. Ford’s achievements were recognized at Girls Inc. of Carpinteria’s “Women of Inspiration” luncheon on April 3, where she was the keynote speaker.


In honor of the special event, Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider proclaimed April 4, 2017 as Santa Barbara’s Day of Inner Peace and presented Girls Inc. Carpinteria, Erica Ford and the Urban Yogis the proclamation before the yoga session kicked off.

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