Carpinteria Garden Park

Participants in the beginning gardening class of 2018, taught by the Master Gardeners of Santa Barbara County, gather under the gazebo of the Carpinteria Garden Park. Classes focus on the fundamentals of home gardening.

A gardening course titled “Victory Vegetable Gardens for True Beginners,” taught by the Master Gardeners of Santa Barbara County, will be held over four sessions in September and October at the Carpinteria Garden Park. Focusing on building healthy soil, plant selection, propagation, care and pest and disease management, the class will culminate in a Certificate of Completion from the UC Master Gardener Program for participants who complete all four classes. The cost is $35 for materials, and pre-registration is required by Sept. 15.

In WWI and WWII, the United States government encouraged its citizens to grow “Victory Gardens” to offset the cost of food production for civilian consumption in support of the war effort. Similar programs were implemented in England, Canada and Australia. In the present day, a thriving home garden can lower monthly food bills if it is carefully implemented and comes with positive health effects. Also, any food eaten from a home garden is food that is not transported with fossil fuel.

Classes will be held on four Saturdays: Sept. 21 and 28, and Oct. 12 and 19, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. For more information, call the Master Gardener Helpline at (805) 893-3485, or email and use “Victory Vegetable Gardening Question” as the subject line.

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