Natalie, Emily and Jake Durtche

Siblings Natalie, Emily and Jake Durtche are working together as lifeguards this summer at Carpinteria city pool.

Fifth-generation Carpinterians, Natalie, Emily and Jake Durtche, are the siblings on duty this summer at Carpinteria city pool.

Lifeguards Natalie, 24, and Emily, 20, have been working at the pool for several years, but this summer they’re working alongside their brother Jacob, 17, who had his first day in June.

For older sister Natalie who currently attends Cal State Channel Islands, working with Emily and Jason is a welcome treat, “It’s fun to work with my siblings because we are all so close and we entertain each other… at work they have to hang out with me.” Taking care of others is Natalie’s natural disposition. She’s the older sister that always makes her younger brother lunch and tea and keeps him fueled on snacks. In September, Natalie will start her teaching credential program.

A former Carpinteria High School swimmer, Emily knows the lanes well from four years of swim team practices at the city pool. As a swimmer, she got to know pool staff and was hired as a guard at the end of her last swim season. A student at Santa Barbara City College, working at the pool allows Emily to continue swimming and to stay active.

Jacob is an outdoors person and the job at the pool was just what he was looking for during the summer before his senior year at CHS.

While the Durtche kids enjoy working together, Natalie noted that the best part of working at the pool is meeting new people.

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