Anne-Marije and Martijn de Bruijn

Gail and Martijn de Bruijn, and their children Sophie and Olivia, hope that a GoFundMe campaign will help pay for a special treatment in Mexico to battle Martijn’s cancer. 

Anne-Marije Short has started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for her best friend Martijn de Bruijn, 44, of Carpinteria, who has advanced cancer. de Bruijn and his wife Gail have two daughters, Sophie, 9, and Olivia, 5. 

Martijn de Bruijn was diagnosed with colorectal cancer four years ago. In the years since, despite undergoing years of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, the cancer has continued to spread to his lungs, liver, bones, small intestines and head. 

“This is a critical time for Martijn,” said Short. “A recent study was done on Martijn’s cancer in Europe to help determine the best route to go on treatments to tackle his cancer. From those results they discovered they could get most of these treatments done in Mexico. There are no effective treatments left available to him here in the U.S.”

Short said de Bruijn is determined to fight cancer and that with help from the campaign, he will be able to do the special treatments his medical team have determined the best option to help save his life. 

“His medical plan to recover from cancer is immensely costly but without this, his cancer cannot be stopped,” Short said. 

To donate, visit and search “Help Martijn de Bruijn kiss cancer goodbye.”

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