In 2010, four Catholic priests who were in the same class at seminary, decided to use one week of their annual vacation to bicycle across the United States in segments of about 250 miles. Already in their middle 50s, the prospect of bicycling across the US seemed like a great adventure and at the same time, an impossible dream. The four began in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and proceeded east.  When possible, they bicycled as a group of two, three and sometimes all four members; but when that was not possible, each member did a portion of the trek by himself.  

Some of the segments of the journey were ridden out of sequence, but each member cycled every single mile of the ride. In 2018, on the last leg of the cross-country tour, St Joseph pastor Monsignor Martini suffered a fall resulting in a broken arm, and a dislocated shoulder, which prevented him from completing the marathon ride with the rest of the group. Subsequent surgery and rehab prevented him from attempting the ride again in 2019. Nevertheless, July 2020 found him once again on his bicycle in Maine and determined to ride the remaining 250 miles to Bar Harbor, at last completing the great 10-year, 3196-mile adventure.

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