COVID-19 total rises to 13 and reaches South County

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department (PHD) has confirmed four new positive cases of COVID-19, bringing the county’s total to 13. The new cases include three South County residents, including one in their 20s and two in their 40s. The county did not release the city in which new patients reside.  

PHD stated they are conducting a thorough investigation to determine how the patients contracted COVID-19 as well as identifying persons with whom they may have had close contact. 

Mandated social distancing measures are in place to slow the spread of the virus. All large nonessential professional, social and community gatherings should be postponed or cancelled, and smaller gatherings should be modified to allow for at least six feet of space between participants.

“We are urging our community to stay home when they are sick and practice consistent social distancing practices,” said Van Do-Reynoso, Public Health director for Santa Barbara County. “It is critical that we all take the necessary steps to slow the spread of this illness in our community.”

For more information, visit or find PublicHealthSBC on Twitter and Facebook. To speak to a county employee by phone, contact (833) 688-5551, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; 211 or outside the area, call (800) 400-1572. A recorded information line can be reached at (805) 681-4373. The Behavioral Wellness 24/7 Access Line is (888) 868-1649. 

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