Santa Barbara County will receive $2,499,999 in Pathway Home grant funds, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office and the Santa Barbara County Workforce Development Board announced in early July. 

The grant funds will go toward a reentry program that helps individuals incarcerated in the Santa Barbara County Jail or the Santa Barbara Northern Branch Jail secure jobs prior to their release. It serves over 250 individuals, a press release from the Sheriff’s Office and the Workforce Development board said. 

“The Santa Barbara County Workforce Development Board is pleased to move forward in partnership with Sheriff Bill Brown and his team, as well as our two community colleges and community-based organizations to provide much need pre-release and post-release services to incarcerated individuals. These services will help to rebuild lives and contribute to the community,” Raymond McDonald, executive director of the Santa Barbara County Workforce Development Board, said. 

Sheriff Bill Brown added that the Sheriff’s Office is “honored to be part of the team that applied for the grant.” 

“We are delighted that Santa Barbara County was selected to receive a $2,499,999 grant award, being one of only 28 recipients nationwide. Without a means to make a living and the financial security of a job, there is little chance of a successful reentry into the community for formerly incarcerated people,” he said. 

“This Pathway Home grant will allow us to provide – in partnership with Santa Barbara City and Allan Hancock Community Colleges – education and vocational training to people in county custody and will also provide incentive funding to employers who give justice-involved persons a second chance at employment when they are released from jail. We look forward to many successful outcomes and stronger and safer communities as a result of this grant.”

Incarcerated individuals will also continue to be provided with services from America’s Job Center of California as they transition back into the community, with courses such as education and certified training opportunities, supportive services, job search and placement and career counseling and employment plans.

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