Highway 101

Widening Highway 101 and creating a third lane between Bailard Avenue and Padaro Lane is expected to take three years and will include several other improvements, including a soundwall near the Salt Marsh.

The Linden and Casitas Pass project which started in September 2016 will wrap up this spring, according to Kirsten Ayars, spokesperson for the project. Ayars told the Council that the next phase of highway improvements was well on its way. Contractors will soon work to widen Highway 101 to three lanes in both directions within the city of Carpinteria boundaries—from Bailard Avenue to Padaro Lane. The additional lane will ultimately span from Carpinteria to Montecito, connecting that stretch of highway to widening work already completed on both ends connecting Ventura to Goleta.

Improvements in Carpinteria’s roadways are part of the $585 million SBCAG and Caltrans project, “Highway 101: Santa Barbara to Mussel Shoals,” which when complete will have widened 16 miles of Highway 101, adding carpool lanes and addressing a narrow portion of Highway 101 that currently has two lanes in each direction.

Work in 2020 will focus on the Southbound side of Carpinteria’s section of Highway 101, and shift to the northside in 2021.

When completed in 2023, there will be new peak period carpool lanes, new highway bridges at Franklin and Santa Monica creeks, new on- and off-ramps at Santa Monica Road, Carpinteria and Reynolds avenues, and four new soundwalls. The project also includes the construction of the Carpinteria Creek and Summerland bike paths.

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