Matt Roberts

From left, Carpinteria Parks and Recreation Director Matt Roberts and Pool Superintendent Aaron Syvertson plan for the Community Pool’s reopening on May 18 after a temporary closure due to Covid-19.

Starting on Monday, May 18, the city of Carpinteria will reopen the Community Pool for limited swimming in a manner consistent with state and county public health orders.

A maximum of five swimmers will be allowed to use the pool at once, and reservations must be made online in advance. Swimmers can reserve one-hour time slots and will be allowed 45 minutes of swim time. Patrons must come showered and dressed for swimming; locker rooms are closed, and a restroom will be available only for restroom use.

In the city of Carpinteria’s announcement, they noted that according to the Centers for Disease Control, there is no evidence that Covid-19 can spread to people through pool water. Proper operation and disinfection of pools should kill the virus that causes Covid-19.

Among those most excited about residents being able to take a cool dip on a hot May day, is Aaron Syvertson, the Community Pool’s new superintendent. Syvertson moved to Carpinteria and started his new job at the end of March, after the pool had been temporarily closed.

“I came to Carpinteria to manage a pool that people swim in,” said Syvertson, “I’d like to be able to keep doing what we do. We have a plan to take care of the community and staff. It’s a workable plan that ensures staff and swimmer safety. I think everybody will be happy.”

Parks and Recreation Director Matt Roberts said that during the pool’s closure there was an outpouring from the community expressing their affection for the pool and requesting it reopen for safe and healthy exercise. “It was very gratifying that in the absence of pool operations because of the health emergency, the demand for it to reopen was extreme,” he said, “we now recognize more than ever how important our Community Pool is.”

Roberts also noted that Carpinteria is “very lucky” to have a community pool. A town in the population range of 13,000 (like Carpinteria) with a public pool is rare, he said.

To reserve a swim time slot online and to see safe swimming guidelines, visit Contact Matt Roberts with questions at (805) 755-4449 or

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