Brian Barrett

Acting City Clerk Brian Barrett, third from left, received the petition from, from left, Zachary King, Amy Orozco, Alan Koch, Amrita Salm and Gary Campopiano. 

The Committee to Save the Downtown & Beach Parking Lot submitted its completed petition to the city clerk on Monday, with close to 1,100 signatures. Organizers and petition gatherers have worked over the past several months to designate City Parking Lot #3 and another vacant city-owned property – the site of the proposed Surfliner Inn – as open space.

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What a bummer, I hope they don’t block it.

The two people I spoke with gathering signatures lived across the tracks and were primarily concerned about traffic on weekends. They also made up “facts” like we’d lose parking spaces and the hotel is three stories tall. To block a project for such selfish reasons is abysmal!

Yesterday I was harassed for the fifth or sixth time by a homeless person in that parking lot, and a recent Nextdoor thread talked at length about Amazon package robbers meeting at that liquor store. Jane Jacobs mentions this well in her books: that having more “eyes” and activity on streets lowers crime drastically. Unfortunately, the RV campground doesn’t bring substantial business to Carpinteria, as most bring groceries with them - that’s not the case with hotels.

The Surfliner Inn would be a great addition to Carpinteria and bring shoppers to local businesses. The new design of the hotel is beautiful and protects the open air even more!

- A Carp resident that doesn’t live across the tracks nor rent their home to vacationers

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