Sunday, Oct. 4

4:50 p.m. / Shots Heard / Toro Canyon  

Units responded to the area of East Valley Road and Toro Canyon Park Road for possible shots fired. The original reporting party is security. He stated he heard one shot approximately 10-minutes earlier. Another reporting party on Toro Canyon Park stated she was told by a neighbor that several shots were heard in the area. Responding units checked to Toro Canyon Park and spoke to several subjects in the area. Most heard anywhere between one to three shots within 30 minutes.


10:25 p.m. /  Wallet Theft / 4400 block Via Real  

While at a convenient store, an unknown suspect stole a victim’s wallet from the counter. The victim didn’t see who stole his wallet, so he began to ask other customers in the store. When none of the customers admitted to taking the wallet, he walked outside and asked a female if she stole his wallet. When she denied having the wallet, the victim followed her and continued to accuse her of stealing his wallet. The victim’s actions caused an argument which prompted a bystander to call law enforcement. Deputies arrived on scene and contacted the male and female. The female wasn’t in possession of his wallet, so she was released from the scene. The victim was advised that a report would be generated for the stolen wallet.   


Monday, Oct. 5

5:56 p.m. / Altercation over a Dog / Post Avenue  

Deputies responded to a mother/daughter altercation. The altercation was over a dog. Neither party was injured during the altercation. They did not desire prosecution. A report was generated to document the incident. 


6:36 p.m. / Harassment / Mimosa Lane   

An ex-boyfriend has continued to contact a female with hopes to reconcile. The female has made it clear that she’s not interested, so the male has been harassing her and contacting other males to slander the female. The ex has made multiple threats that he is always able to find her and negatively affect her life. Initial report was authored and will be forwarded to the Detective Bureau for follow-up. 


7:12 p.m. / Public Intoxication / 1100 block Casitas Pass  

A man who has several priors of public intoxication, was refusing to leave a local eatery after he got angry for not wearing a mask and began spitting on tables. He was described as being intoxicated. The deputy located the man at the nearby gas station where he was refusing to follow commands and then not answer questions. When the deputy arrived to assist, the man attempted to flee, but was tackled by the deputy to the ground as the man began actively resisting. More deputies arrived on scene and were able to restrain him. Given his extreme physical agitation, alcohol intoxication and possible UI on something else, he was transported to Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital to be evaluated. He was then transported to Santa Barbara County Jail to be booked and where he continued to be resistive. No deputies were injured. 


Tuesday, Oct. 6 

9:51 a.m. / Meth Possession / 5400 block Carpinteria Avenue 

A man was observed leaving the Casa Del Sol Motel.  An enforcement stop was conducted pursuant to the man’s probation terms and he was found in possession of 3.6 grams of meth.


Wednesday, Oct. 7

8:51 a.m. / Warrant / Via Real 

A woman was stopped for a vehicle violation and found to have an outstanding misdemeanor warrant and driving with a suspended CDL. She was cited for the warrant. 


10:14 a.m. / Warrant and Drugs / 5500 block Carpinteria Avenue

A man was contacted in a vehicle and admitted to being on probation. During a search of the man’s vehicle, a meth pipe and usable amount of meth was located. The man had outstanding misdemeanor warrants and was issued a citation for those as well.  


2:29 p.m. / Found Bike / Mesa Lane  

An individual called to report a found electric mountain bike on the Santa Monica Creek Trail. The bike was booked for safekeeping.


3:07 p.m. / Drug Violations / 4200 block Via Real  

A man and his mother were stopped in the red zone of the east driveway. When contacted, he concealed a loaded syringe in his pants. He was cited for possession of meth and paraphernalia. 


Thursday, Oct. 8

12:16 p.m. / Drug Violations / 900 block Concha Loma  

A known parolee was seen leaving Motel 6 and a traffic stop was made. He admitted to being in possession of meth and meth pipes. He was cited and released.  


5:04 p.m. / Found Property / El Carro Lane

A man found a bike leaning against a tree on El Carro Lane. He felt the bike would be stolen if not turned over to law enforcement.  


5:10 p.m. / Trespassing / Tiburon Bay Lane   

An individual called to report a shirtless suspicious subject in front of the location.  When deputies arrived, the subject had climbed over the wall and onto the property. He refused to come back over the wall and went further into the property. A perimeter was established and the deputy, with his canine partner Zeke, responded to assist. A search of the property was conducted and the man was found hiding under a tree. He was taken into custody without incident and booked at Santa Barbara County Jail.  


Saturday, Oct. 10

6:37 a.m. / Stalking / 6000 block Casitas Pass Road 

A man was lying in wait for a female victim to arrive at her place of employment in the unincorporated area of Santa Barbara County. He ambushed the victim as she was exiting her vehicle. He grabbed her from behind, lifted her off the ground and threw her into his vehicle. 

While the victim was inside the vehicle, he showed the victim a “black handgun” and said he was going to kill the victim. The victim was able to escape the vehicle and run away on foot. The man caught up to the victim and kicked and punched her. The victim fell to the ground, and the man mounted her and used his hands to manually strangle the victim. Other employees on scene came to the victim’s aid. The man fled the scene in his vehicle. He was later found and arrested.


10:23 a.m. / Vandalism / Franciscan Court

An individual called to report a vandalism to the front window of her apartment. The window initially appeared to be cracked from the outside. Once inside the apartment, the glass window had a small hole in it, similar to a BB gun pellet, or a small caliber round. The glass on the window was protruding out into the street, not into the apartment. It is suspected someone used a small caliber round to shoot a hole through the glass or used a screwdriver to puncture a hole in the glass.


Saturday, Oct. 11

2:36 a.m. / Catalytic Converter Theft/ Alvarado Street

The reporting party confronted at least two white adult males associated with a newer model dark-colored BMW in front of his residence. The suspects were tampering with his neighbor’s RV Motorhome and removed the vehicle’s catalytic converter. 


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