Sunday, May 17  

9:54 a.m. / Unregistered Firearm / 1400 block Sterling Avenue   

Deputies responded to a call about a firearm and contacted a man who reportedly had an unregistered Kimber 1911 firearm in his possession. The firearm was taken from the man and secured into the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office property department for safekeeping.

11:44 a.m. / Misdemeanor Hit and Run / 6500 block Rincon Road  

Deputies responded to a misdemeanor hit and run call, but the male subject fled the scene traveling southbound on Rincon Road. The man continued southbound on the northbound off-ramp of Highway 101 at Rincon Road. Deputies checked the area and were unable to locate the subject.   

2:12 p.m. / Narcotics / 4600 block Carpinteria Avenue  

Deputies responded to narcotic activity and contacted a woman who had two outstanding warrants: one out of Hermosa Beach but was non-extraditable, and the other out of Santa Barbara. The woman was arrested for the outstanding warrant out of Santa Barbara County.

3 p.m. / 015F / Linden Avenue and Malibu Drive  

A black purse was found at Linden and Malibu, then booked for safe keeping. The owner was not contacted.

Sunday, May 17  

8 p.m. / Trespassing / 3200 block Via Real   

A caller who is renting a home on the Polo Field reported that several people forced their way into her rental home and started yelling and insulting her family. Deputies arrived and contacted six people, who admitted entering the home after they were directed to come look at the damaged caused by the caller. The caller showed cell phone video of the suspects entering the home without permission and were heard and seen yelling at the caller and her family. The husband-suspect fled across the Polo Field and did not return to the scene. A complaint will be forwarded to the DA’s office for review.

5 p.m. / Open Beer Violation / Linden Avenue and 9th Street  

A man was cited and released for possession of an open container.

5 a.m. / Welfare Check / 2100 block Ortega Hill Road  

A caller reported that his girlfriend’s 27-year-old son had a bad dream and ran out of the house naked and was last seen running towards Summerland. Deputies responded and located a man walking nude on North Jameson near Sheffield. The man claimed he smoked marijuana with friends and wanted to go to the hospital to detox.  His mother drove him to the hospital.

Monday, May 18  

10:41 a.m. / Tossed Mail / Via Real and Carpinteria Creek  

Mail was found scattered off a county access road by a Caltrans site. The mail was recovered and booked into Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office property.

6:15 p.m. / Theft / 3200 block Via Real  

A caller reported that she believes her laptop and credit cards were stolen by a female neighbor who lives at the Polo Field apartments. Follow up by deputies.

Tuesday, May 19  

6 p.m. / Towed Abandoned Vehicle / 2200 block Lillie Avenue  

Deputies received complaints about an abandoned vehicle parked near Sandpiper Liquor. The vehicle was tagged and marked on Thursday, May 14. The vehicle was checked and was not moved. The vehicle was towed.


Wednesday, May 20  

8:28 p.m. / Meth Possession / 1100 block Casitas Pass  

A man drove into a parking lot not wearing his seatbelt. A traffic stop was initiated, and he admitted to being in possession of a meth pipe. During a search of the vehicle, his meth pipe was located, but also a baggie with 3.7 grams of meth. The subject was cited for the violations.

10:12 p.m. / Weapon and Dope Violations / Hales Lane and Via Real  

A woman and man were contacted as their vehicle was getting dropped off by a tow truck. The woman is on active probation and a search of her property showed she had meth, a meth pipe and a container of pepper spray.  She is a convicted felon and prohibited from owning pepper spray. A baggie of meth was found in the center console and since no one wanted to claim it, the man was given ownership since it was his vehicle.  

3:38 a.m. / Dope Violations / 4100 block Via Real  

A woman and man were in a vehicle with a stolen license plate, reported to Santa Barbara Police Department. A traffic stop was initiated, and it was determined the vehicle was not stolen, but was rented a few weeks ago by the woman. She thought the “PERM” on the Arizona license plate meant it was only a “permit” for the vehicle and not an actual license plate. So, to avoid getting pulled over, they placed a stolen plate on the car, she said. After a search of nearby motel rooms associated with the subjects, they, and the woman’s sister, were cited for possession of stolen property, meth and paraphernalia. Further investigation will be done for the fraudulently obtained EBT cards.

Thursday, May 21  

8:47 a.m. / Driving with False Registration / Carpinteria and Palm avenues  

A man was driving with a false registration tab. He was cited for the violation and allowed to park the vehicle at his mechanic shop located nearby.  

10:06 p.m. / Suspended License / Via Real and Vallecito Road  

A man was stopped for not displaying license plates on his truck. A records check showed his driver’s license was suspended. The man was cited, and his vehicle was released to a licensed driver.

2:37 a.m. / Public Intoxication / Bailard Avenue

Two men were contacted in a parked truck and both were extremely intoxicated with open containers of alcohol observed in the vehicle. One man was not being the most cooperative, but once he was convinced to exit the vehicle, a pat down search of his person was conducted.  Deputies located a collapsible baton in the man’s front waistband. He was cited and both were released to a sober friend.  

Friday, May 22  

7:41 a.m. / Theft / 5500 block Calle Arena  

Deputies responded after a woman reported her residence was burglarized the prior night. The woman stated a cartoon of almond milk and tools were taken from her garage. She told the reporting deputy that the tools belonged to her daughter’s boyfriend. The deputy attempted to contact the man via telephone multiple times with no response. The woman stated her garage door was unlocked during the night and is in the process of getting a new lock. She did not have any suspect information at the time. The incident was documented, and patrol will follow-up for further details of the stolen items.

2:07 p.m. / Found Drugs / 6000 block Jacaranda Way  

A man was contacted after reporting he found a small baggie containing a white powdery substance underneath the driver’s seat of his recently purchased vehicle. The man stated he purchased the vehicle three weeks ago but didn’t find the small baggie until he’d removed the driver’s seat to fix the reclining mechanism. The incident was documented, and the baggie was booked into Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office property for destruction.   

Saturday, May 23  

5:49 a.m. / Domestic Violence / 4100 block Via Real  

Deputies responded to a motel on Via Real for a report of a domestic violence incident. Upon arrival, a deputy contacted a man and woman in the parking lot. After contacting both subjects, there were visible injuries on both parties. Due to conflicting statements regarding their mutual altercation and obvious injuries, both parties were arrested for corporal injury on a spouse.

10:36 a.m. / Hit and Run / Cameo and Casitas Pass roads

Deputies responded to a report a of a black sedan crashing into a parked water truck. While en route, it was also reported the male subject driving the sedan fled the scene on foot. Upon arrival, deputies observed the sedan abandoned in the middle Cameo Road with major damage to the front right passenger wheel and fender. Witnesses stated the subject was a male adult approximately 35-40 years old, short dark hair, wearing a Laker jersey, dark shorts and tattoos on his arms. Deputies searched the area but were unable to locate the described subject. The incident will be documented, and follow-up will be handled by patrol.


8:19 p.m. / Meth Possession / Via Real and Poplar Street   

A woman was stopped for expired registration and found to be in possession of a meth pipe with a usable amount of meth in the bowl. She was cited for the violations.  

8:28 p.m. / Public Intoxication / Cravens Lane and Via Real  

Callers reported a female walking in traffic. Upon arrival, deputies contacted a woman who was too intoxicated to care for herself. She was transported and booked into Santa Barbara County Jail without incident.

12:48 a.m. / Vandalism / Via Real and Hales Lane   

A traffic stop was initiated for a suspicious vehicle driving in the area. Once the vehicle yielded, a man was contacted and there was a strong odor of spray paint in the vehicle.  Deputies observed a cardboard stencil for a picture of a grenade and gas mask. The man admitted to using the grenade stencil to graffiti the wall on Via Real. Deputies confirmed the graffiti, and the man was cited for vandalism and possession of vandalism tools. 

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