Monday, June 1  

2 a.m. / Public Intoxication / 5500 block Carpinteria Avenue   

Deputies were dispatched to a report of a female knocking on several room doors disturbing other hotel customers. The woman was contacted and arrested for public intoxication. She was transported to Santa Barbara County Jail.    


4:09 p.m. / Public Intoxication / Ash Avenue at the beach  

A caller reported a male carrying a spear gun in a menacing manner on the beach. Deputies contacted a man who was exhibiting signs of being under the influence. He was arrested, a drug exam was administered, and he was transported and booked at Santa Barbara County Jail. 


10:17 p.m. / Incident / 4800 block Sandyland Road  

A man called in to report his father stole his spear gun and keys from his residence while he was in jail. The man wanted to press charges for theft and the deputy called the father, who refused to return the keys. When informed, the man changed his mind and decided not to press charges on his father. Report for documentation only. 


3:27 p.m. / Incident / 1000 block Bega Way  

Deputies responded to Bega Lights for an employee being terminated and refusing to leave. Upon deputies’ arrival, the male subject had already left. He had made a vague threat to one of the employees during the incident. A deputy called the man and informed him if he returned to the property he would be arrested.  


Tuesday, June 2  

12:53 a.m. / Domestic Dispute / 4700 block 7th Street    

A man requested deputies because his girlfriend had removed his belongings from inside of the house and placed them on the driveway after an argument. A few picture frames were broken in the process, but the man stated he did not desire prosecution against the woman. Deputies spoke to both parties, and the man stated he would stay somewhere else for the evening. He also stated he may call and request deputies in the morning for a keep the peace while he moves the remainder of his belongings out of the house.   


Wednesday, June 3 

10:09 a.m. / Incident / 5400 block Carpinteria Avenue

Deputies responded to a subject being chased by two female subjects with a baseball bat. Deputies contacted the two female subjects in Albertsons parking lot. They claimed the man threw the baseball bat at their car. Since both parties did not desire prosecution, and provided two different stories, the report was written as an incident report. 


12:01 p.m. / Shoplifting / 600 block Linden Avenue  

Two unknown subjects took $200 worth of jewelry from a shop. They paid for multiple items with a credit card and took other items. Suspect information is unknown at this time. Awaiting video surveillance from victim. 


1:07 p.m. / Assault / 1500 block Santa Monica Road  

A father came to the Carpinteria sub-station to report that his 19-year-old son had been assaulted the previous night in Montecito on South Jameson Road. The young man was driving Southbound on Highway 101 when a white Mercedes challenged him to a race. After, the Mercedes drove in front of the man and “brake checked” him. The driver of the Mercedes flipped off the victim and he followed the vehicle onto South Jameson. 

The young man and the unknown subject got out of their vehicles and got into a verbal altercation over which vehicle was faster. The unknown subject punched the man in the face and knocked him down. The two began to throw punches when the second unknown subject struck him in the back of the head with a wrench. Deputies attempted to contact the man accused of assault, however, could not locate him. Case forwarded to detectives. 


2:48 p.m. / Incident / 3300 block Foothill Road   

A man called to report a helicopter illegally landing on Foothill Road. He did not think it was acceptable for them to be landing a helicopter in the area. 


11:49 p.m. / Incident / 4700 block Sandyland Road

A woman called a friend in Temecula and stated a male subject had taken “advantage” of her. All parties were contacted and the woman stated she did not want to prosecute and did not want to provide any possible evidence (including a medical exam and clothing). Based on the investigation, it’s suspected the victim and suspect were “touchy/feely” for part of the evening and there was some consensual oral sex, but it remains uncertain if any other sexual acts were performed due to conflicting statements. Report taken to document the incident. 


Thursday, June 4    

5:49 a.m. / Domestic Disturbance / 4100 block Via Real  

A man and woman were contacted in the parking lot of 4180 Via Real after they were reported yelling at each other in a motel. When contacted, the woman attempted to hit the man with her fist multiple times, however, she never landed a punch. The man did not have any injuries to his face or body and did not want to press charges. The woman left the scene on foot and the man was advised to gather his belongings from the motel and leave the property. 


11:04 p.m. / Possible Assault / 4700 block Sandyland Road  

A woman who had called deputies about a possible sexual assault the previous night, was at her mother’s home in Murrieta and decided to have a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) investigation conducted. She went to Rancho Springs Medical Center where an RN notified Carpinteria police. Murrieta PD responded for a SART report.   


11:33 p.m. / Felony Evading / Elm and Carpinteria avenues  

A traffic stop was initiated for malfunctioning lighting equipment on a silver BMW sedan. The driver initially pulled to the side of the road but then decided not to stop. A pursuit was initiated from Elm Avenue and eventually ended in the city of Ventura. The suspect drove Hwy 101 and PCH at speeds above 120 MPH and with his lights off. The pursuit was discontinued when the vehicle could no longer be seen as it exited at Ventura Avenue. A few minutes later, deputies located the unoccupied vehicle where it collided with a couple of metal posts. With the assistance of Ventura PD, the male driver was located near his residence in Ventura. He was taken into custody even though he stated he was recently “mugged,” and his vehicle had been stolen. The man was booked for an outstanding warrant, felony evading, hit and run, and narcotic charges. 


Saturday, June 6  

1:20 p.m. / Black Lives Matter Protest / Linden and Carpinteria avenues

A planned protest took place with a surprisingly big turnout, approximately 300 people at first. The group began by setting up on each corner of the intersection, then took over the intersection blocking all traffic. The crowd became mobile and walked south on Linden to the RR tracks, then westbound on Carpinteria Avenue to Elm, then to Casitas Pass and back to Linden and Carpinteria Avenue. The intersection was blocked a couple more times before protests ended at approximately 2:58 p.m. and the crowd disbursed. Deputies maintained control of traffic, diverted traffic, followed the protesters and maintained visual. 

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