Sunday, Jan. 3

10:24 p.m. / Assault / 600 block Linden Avenue   

A reporting party called to report a fight that was in progress between two men on the edge of the 600 and 700 blocks on Linden Avenue. Upon arrival, deputies observed the victim sitting on the sidewalk in a pool of his own blood. The victim’s face and head were covered in blood. The suspect fled prior to deputy’s arrival. The victim was transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for emergency care. The reporting party described the other male involved with the fight as a “short male adult wearing all black clothing and a grey beanie.” Deputies searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect. A deputy and their K9 performed an open area search but were also unable to locate the suspect.


Monday, Jan. 4 

1:59 a.m. / Drug Possession / Highway 101        

A reporting party had called in informing deputies that there was a stalled vehicle in the first lane of the highway near the southbound ramp off of Carpinteria Avenue. The California Highway Portal was called out to assist the driver. When deputies arrived, they found that the driver had pushed their car off the highway and onto the shoulder. The driver appeared to be under the influence and CHP tried asking the driver questions, but he refused to answer any of their questions. Since the CHP officers did not see the driver driving or have an independent witness to corroborate this suspension, they didn’t push forward on the matter. Although while speaking with the subject, the officers noticed marijuana in plain view and other contraband. Since the driver refused to identify himself, he was booked for possession of drugs. 


10:10 p.m.  / DUI / 4400 block Via Real

A male was contacted during a traffic enforcement stop. Deputies noticed that the suspect’s pupils were dilated, his pulse was over 120 b.p.m. and his balance was staggered. The suspect consented to a vehicle search which revealed several empty miniature bottles of alcohol. The suspect was asked to take a breath test which indicated a blood alcohol concentration of 0.12%. The suspect was in town with his wife and children who were at a nearby hotel. The suspect was issued a citation and released to his wife’s care. The vehicle belonged to his wife and was the only vehicle the family owned. At the wife’s request, the vehicle was secured in the 7-11 parking lot. 


Tuesday, Jan. 5

9:30 a.m. / Forgery / Carpinteria Avenue    

The city of Carpinteria reported that it had received another fraudulent check. The check was valued at $1,450.  The bank rejected the check. 


3:41 p.m. / Drug Possession / 5400 block Carpinteria Avenue  

Deputies conducted an area check on the 5400 block of Carpinteria underneath the overpass. A female was issued a citation for possessing drugs after deputies found methamphetamine pipes in her possession. After finding a useable amount of methamphetamine in the female’s possession, she was issued a citation for possession of drugs.


1:48 a.m. / Theft / Casitas Pass Road

Deputies responded to a reported theft that was in progress. The clerk of a store reported that a male subject had stolen an unknown number of food items and then fled on a bicycle. The clerk provided a suspect description and direction of travel. Deputies were able to locate a subject matching the description on Linden Avenue near Nipomo Drive. The suspect gave officers his name and he immediately admitted the theft. The clerk later withdrew the desire for prosecution and only requested that the male be asked not to return to the gas station. A records check revealed several out-of-county warrants. The Gardenia police department confirmed an extradition for the $30,000 felony warrant. The male was booked at Santa Barbara County Jail due to his outstanding warrant without further incident. 


Wednesday, Jan. 6

12:57 a.m. / Missing Person / 1000 block Casitas Pass Road       

While checking the plates on a red 1968 Ford Mustang, a car was found to be associated with a missing person. The missing person was reported to be missing out of Santa Paula since March of 2020. Deputies checked the area around the vehicle but did not locate the missing person. The Santa Paula Police Department advised the Carpinteria office to search the car and a business card was left on the vehicle. The missing person later contacted the Sheriff’s Office.


10:25 p.m. / Warrant Arrest / 4500 block Carpinteria Avenue

Deputies received a call for a suspicious male at a local hotel. The clerk advised that a male was walking around the hotel and at one point entered an employee only area. Deputies arrived and contacted the male, who identified himself.  The male was extremely uncooperative and under the influence.  A records check revealed that he had a felony warrant.  The male was arrested and transported to the Santa Barbara County Jail.


Thursday, Jan. 7

2:30 a.m. / Drug Possession / Bailard Avenue and Via Real 

While on patrol, a deputy observed a vehicle parked in the middle of the road.  The deputy stopped the vehicle and contacted the driver who verbally identified himself to the deputy. A records check resulted in no matches found related to the name and date of birth given to the deputy.  A consent search of the vehicle resulted in locating a methamphetamine pipe and a baggie of meth.  The driver was arrested and transported to Santa Barbara County Jail.  His vehicle was towed. 


12:44 p.m. / Theft / 5100 block Ogan Road         

The owner of a 2003 Toyota Sequoia informed deputies that an unknown suspect had cut and removed the two catalytic converters from their vehicle. 


2:20 p.m. / Hit and Run / Via Real          

A woman reported that her mother’s vehicle was involved in a hit and run in the parking lot of Sandyland Reef Inn. Motel staff gathered surveillance footage and provided the suspect’s vehicle plate and contact information. 


Friday, Jan. 8

1:37 p.m. / Public Intoxication / Sandyland Reef Inn 

A man from Santa Barbara was intoxicated and refused to leave the Sandyland Reef Inn. The hotel staff asked if the man was willing to pay for an additional night but he refused to pay. He also refused any medical attention due to his level of intoxication. The man was arrested and transported to Santa Barbara County Jail. He became combative during the booking process, grabbing at a deputy’s baton. He was booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail with additional charges.


Sunday, Jan. 10

10:27 a.m. / Theft / 4900 block Sandyland Road 

The owner of a 2019 Toyota Rav-4 reported that an unknown suspect(s) had gotten into his vehicle and had taken a backpack containing tools and two remotes. He had parked his car in a gated parking lot on the 4900 Sandyland block around 6 p.m. the previous night. The car doors were left unlocked.

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