Sunday, July 21  

8:42 a.m. / Resisting Arrest / 400 block Calle Ocho  

Deputies responded to a call about a man yelling. (The man was later determined to have been connected to two earlier calls.) The first call was about a fight brewing in the area of Concha Loma and the footbridge. When deputies arrived, the subjects had left the area.

The second call was to assist State Parks with contacting a man who was possibly under the influence, but the man fled to his residence on Calle Ocho. The man began walking around his neighborhood, yelling and screaming. Deputies contacted him in a shed area at an address on Calle Ocho. The man was highly agitated and not making sense. He kept going in and out of the shed where there were numerous tools. The man was told to sit down or relax several times, but he continued to speak in random thoughts. As deputies attempted to detain him, the man became rigid and semi-combative. He eventually became resistive and had to be forcibly taken to the ground and handcuffed. The man was placed in a Hobble restraint due to kicking at the deputies. Deputies and the man sustained minor scrapes and scratches. The man was charged with felony resisting, assault on a peace officer with injury and possession of paraphernalia.  

4:07 p.m. / Missing At-Risk Adult / 600 block Linden Avenue  

A man was reported missing and making suicidal statements. A ping was requested on the man’s phone, which directed deputies to a motel room. A search of the room did not locate the man, but the reporting party later stated the man was seen driving. His information was entered into a missing-persons database.  

1:10 a.m. / Assault / 4900 block Carpinteria Avenue   

A woman was arrested for assault after hitting the manager of a pub over the head with a bar stool during an altercation. The manager had told the woman to leave due to her level of intoxication, and she became irate. The manager sustained several lacerations on his head but declined medical attention.   

Wednesday, July 24  

3 p.m. / Found Property / 1000 block Casitas Pass Road  

A thrift store reported that they found a pack of .45cal bullets. The bullets were booked for destruction at the Carpinteria Station.

11:16 p.m. / DUI / 3600 block Via Real  

Responding to a “Be on the Lookout” for a possible DUI vehicle, a deputy saw a vehicle parked half-in/half-out of the roadway at a shop on Via Real. The solo female occupant was turned over to CHP for a DUI investigation.

Thursday, July 25  

8:05 a.m. / Vandalism / 2100 block Summerland Heights Lane

A home-owners’ association planted a tree in a common area and suspected that the resident who lived in front had removed the tree. A woman admitted to removing the tree, saying that the tree had not been planted in a common area, and that she had a religious objection to the tree being planted in front of her home. The HOA wants her prosecuted for vandalism (to the tree). The case has been submitted to the DA’s office for review.

8:36 a.m. / Theft of Marijuana / 1600 block Cravens Lane  

A cannabis facility reported that two employees stole marijuana plants. Video of the theft was available. Patrol will follow up.

6:24 p.m. / Shoplifting / Warrant Arrest / 800 block Linden Avenue  

Deputies responded to a shoplifting that had just occurred, and a sergeant located the suspects, a man and a woman, at the public restrooms at Linden and 5th Street. The supermarket manager signed a citizen’s arrest for the man for stealing cheese, lunch meat and soda. A records check showed that the woman had outstanding warrants for her arrest. They were both arrested and transported to Santa Barbara County Jail.  

8:10 p.m. / Cannabis Theft / 1600 block Cravens Lane  

Two men who had been accused of stealing marijuana plants were identified on surveillance camera. The theft had been reported to deputies earlier, and when one of the men returned to the cannabis facility security staff called the Sheriff’s Office and the man was arrested and transported to Santa Barbara County Jail.  

11:35 p.m. / Possession and Warrant Arrest / 5700 block Carpinteria Avenue  

A man was contacted after he was involved in a verbal argument with a woman. The man was found to be in possession of a meth pipe with residue, and he also had an outstanding warrant from Ventura County. He was arrested and transported to Santa Barbara County Jail.  

12:50 a.m. / Drug Use / 4900 block Carpinteria Avenue  

During a bar check, deputies observed a man setting up lines of cocaine in the office of a local pub. The bartender was observed serving several intoxicated patrons and was intoxicated herself. The bar was shut down for the above violations. The report will be forwarded to Alcoholic Beverage Control.

3:03 a.m. / Possession / Carpinteria Bluffs  

While conducting a premise check of the parking lot, two men were observed asleep in their vehicle. One man held a meth pipe/bong in his lap. Both subjects woke up and failed to follow directions to stop reaching around the vehicle and into a backpack. Due to their actions, the men were held at gunpoint until additional units arrived. Meth, heroin, and paraphernalia were found in the vehicle, and both men were arrested and transported to Santa Barbara County Jail.

Friday, July 26

7 a.m. / Fraud / 3600 block Foothill Road  

A business reported that one of their checks was washed and cashed for $35,000. No suspect information was available.

5:55 p.m. / DUI / 3rd Street and Ash Avenue  

A caller advised deputies that an intoxicated male in a white Toyota truck with a camper shell kept driving around the area. Upon arrival, deputies located a man and initiated a traffic enforcement stop. A strong odor of alcohol was immediately noticed, and an open container of vodka was observed. The man refused a field sobriety test but based on observations he was taken into custody.

The man was on DMV DUI probation and consented to a breath test. Once at Santa Barbara County Jail the subject became lethargic and was not accepted for booking. He was transported to Cottage Hospital where he was cited for DUI. Information was later received that he had become combative with hospital staff, and Santa Barbara Police Department responded to investigate a battery.

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