Monday, Sept. 30  

12:14 a.m. / Possession / South end of Bailard Avenue  

A deputy went to a parked vehicle and when he shined his flashlight in the interior of the car, he saw a woman with a meth pipe on her lap. A search incident to arrest was conducted and more meth was found. The woman was arrested and booked at Santa Barbara County Jail.

Tuesday, Oct. 1  

4:55 p.m. / Grand Theft Auto / 9th Street and Ash Avenue

Sirius XM Radio called dispatch to advise they were getting a ping on a stolen vehicle from the Goleta Honda Dealership. The 2020 Honda Pilot last pinged was in the area of 9th Street and Ash Avenue. A deputy found the vehicle occupied by one male and waited for other units to make a high-risk stop.

A man was arrested. A search of the vehicle yielded meth and a large butcher knife which was on the floorboard.  The man was also on active probation. His probation officer was contacted, and a detainer was issued. The man was charged with vehicle theft, possession of the butcher knife, possession of meth and violation of probation. He was booked at Santa Barbara County Jail and a representative from the car dealership came to pick up the vehicle.    

10:21 p.m. / Possession / 101 offramp at Bates Road  

A deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding, and it was occupied by four persons. One of the occupants was on summary probation and the driver agreed to a consent search of the vehicle. A man and a woman were cited and released for possession of a meth pipe and heroin, and possession of a meth pipe with a usable amount. All the subjects were then released.

12:01 a.m. / Warrant Citation / 800 block Linden Avenue

During a premise check of the parking lot of a supermarket, a deputy observed a vehicle parked on the south side of the building, occupied by a Santa Barbara man. A records check showed she had an outstanding warrant for her arrest for traffic violations. The woman was cited for the warrant and released.  

1:21a.m. / Possession / 4200 block Via Real  

During a premise check of a motel parking lot, a deputy observed a vehicle parked along the north side of the parking lot, occupied by an Oxnard man. He consented to a search of his vehicle and was found to be in possession of methamphetamine.

Wednesday, Oct. 2,  

10:43 a.m. / Consuming Alcohol in Public / 800 block Linden Avenue  

A 59-year-old Carpinteria resident was cited for drinking alcohol in public. The alcohol was poured and he was cited and released.

12:19 p.m. / Stolen Bicycles / 4800 block Foothill Road  

On Oct. 1, between 7: 30 and 9:15 p.m., an unknown suspect(s) stole two bicycles from the bicycle rack at the high school. Neither bicycle was locked. One bicycle was worth $85, the other bicycle was worth $100.

Thursday, Oct. 3  

10:32 p.m./ Warrant Arrest / 5500 block Carpinteria Avenue  

Deputies were dispatched to a report of two people arguing. A records check revealed that a woman involved in the incident had a warrant out for her arrest. She was transported and booked into Santa Barbara County Jail.

Friday, Oct. 4  

8:32 a.m. / Warrant Arrest / El Carro Lane  

On a call of transients camping along the bike path, a 23-year-old transient was contacted. The woman-had a no bail violation of probation warrant out for her arrest. She was arrested and booked into Santa Barbara County Jail.

1:18 p.m. / Residential Burglary / 4600 block Carpinteria Avenue   

Sometime last week, an unknown suspect(s) entered a trailer by removing a window.  The only property stolen (known so far) is a mail key and statue. This property could have been taken by a family member, making it a civil issue.

4:18 p.m. / Vandalism / 5000 block 7th Street  

At some time over the last two days, while the victim was away, an unknown suspect(s) threw an unknown red substance onto her porch.  She asked for this to be documented.


5:53 p.m. / Public Intoxication / 4500 block Carpinteria Avenue  

The manager of a hotel called to report a transient male defecating on the property.  Upon arrival, deputies located a man sitting on the sidewalk at the corner of Santa Ynez and Carpinteria Avenue. He was intoxicated and was arrested and transported to Santa Barbara County Jail.  

6:39 p.m. / Violation of Restraining Order / 4100 block Via Real  

A woman reported that her ex-husband texted her several times in violation of a restraining order. A report was sent to the DA’s office for review.

Saturday, Oct. 5  

10:45 p.m. / Shoplifting / 1000 block Casitas Pass Road  

A deputy was driving through Casitas Pass Plaza when he was flagged down by supermarket employees who advised that a male and female had just shoplifted merchandise from the store and were pushing a shopping cart. The deputy saw a woman pull a wine bottle from her purse and put it in the shopping cart. She was immediately contacted and the store employee then pointed out a man who was attempting to walk away. The deputy directed another deputy to stop and detain the man. According to the witnesses, the man and woman filled a shopping cart with merchandise, then unlocked the door which is usually locked after 8 p.m. They exited the supermarket without making any attempt to pay, although both had enough cash to pay for the over $100 worth of items. The man and woman were arrested for shoplifting and booked in Santa Barbara County Jail.




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