Solarize program

A Santa Barbara home is an early recipient of the Solarize program—now being offered in Carpinteria.

The Community Environmental Council’s (CEC) Solarize Santa Barbara program—a community-led, solar group-purchasing program for residents of south Santa Barbara County—is in full swing and will run until Aug. 30.

In the past seven years, over 657 homeowners have installed solar energy systems through Solarize programs and in partnership with the City of Carpinteria.

Solarize aims to make the process for installing residential solar energy systems and storage simple and affordable. Additionally, two local installers, Brighten Solar and California Solar Electric, were selected as vendors by a committee of local energy experts.

 “Southern California Edison will be changing their time of use rates soon, which will make it more expensive to consume energy from the grid in the evening. With grid-tied batteries, homeowners will be able to store the energy that is created from their solar panels during the day and discharge the battery later in the evening when electricity is most expensive,” according to April Price, CEC’s renewable energy specialist. “Although these storage systems are an investment, there are tax credits and utility incentives that make them more affordable now. Batteries will also provide energy resilience for homeowners, which has been on everyone’s mind in the last few months.”

CEC will host a free, educational workshop on Thursday, July 19, at 6 p.m. at the Carpinteria Library.   

To learn more or apply for Solarize, visit, or call (805) 963-0583 x 102.  

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