Carpinteria Skate Park

The chips from the trees recently removed from the future site of the Carpinteria Skate Park will be used as mulch in parks and the bluffs and some large, straight sections of logs are being saved to turn into benches.

 The city of Carpinteria has removed a row of Eucalyptus trees from the plot of land alongside City Hall that will soon become the Carpinteria Skate Park. 

The tree work began last week and will be completed by the end of this week. Arborists and the city biologist were consulted before starting work, according to Tiffany Smith of Carpinteria Parks and Recreation. Once the trees are completely removed, a gravel parking lot can also be built. 

The chips from the trees will be used as mulch in parks and the bluffs and some large, straight sections of logs are being saved to turn into benches, Smith said.

Other work in preparation for construction includes continuing to clear items stored in the old roller hockey rink and to recycle or give to surplus, if possible.

Chris Willingham, owner of Santa Barbara Tree Care, and his crew assisted the city with the tree removal.

The next task to building the skate park is to put the project out for bids which is expected to happen in the next two to three weeks. 

“From the City Parks POV… this project is ‘ripe’!” Smith added.


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Debra Herrick has been CVN's managing editor since 2018. She enjoys telling the stories of Carpinteria Valley’s people and unpacking the community’s most pressing issues. Debra is also a features writer and photographer for Carpinteria Magazine.

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This is a wonderful thing to happen for the youth in this town. As a kid, I used to go to the old park near the train tracks everyday after school and it filled me with so much joy! If I can help with this project in anyway, let me know. Thanks for reporting on this Debra.

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