Chevron is expected to begin making critical repairs to the Casitas Pier soon. The company, which is responsible for decommissioning the former Venoco facilities, received an Emergency Permit from the California Coastal Commission for repairs. The pier is currently inoperable due to one or more failed piles that threaten the structural integrity of the deck. Chevron intends to replace one failing pile and inspect the condition of three other piles to determine if additional repairs or replacements are needed.

Most of the work will be conducted from the pier itself using a crane to first stabilize the pier and then remove damaged piles and hoist replacements into place. Limited construction activity may occur around the affected piles on the sandy beach and in the surf zone to remove and install the new piles.

Work will take place over several weeks, and most construction will be limited to daylight hours. In order to take advantage of favorable tides, however, Chevron was granted permission by the Coastal Commission to extend work hours approximately 1-2 hours before sunrise or after sunset on limited occasions. Chevron must implement marine mammal protection measures during construction in order to minimize impacts to possible sensitive species, including the nearby Harbor Seal rookery. Chevron must also comply with permit requirements from the Army Corps of Engineers, Regional Water Quality Control Board, and the city of Carpinteria.

Following satisfactory completion of the emergency repairs, Chevron must apply to the California Coastal Commission for authorization to allow the repairs as a permanent feature. For more information, contact the California Coastal Commission or city of Carpinteria Senior Planner Nick Bobroff at

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