Jeanette Gumbar

Jeanette Gumber is Carpinteria’s new public health care administrator.

There’s a new face at the helm of the Carpinteria Health Care Center. Jeanette Gumber began her position as health care administrator at the start of the month. In this position, she oversees all staff and programs at the public health clinic located at 941 Walnut Ave.  

Gumber, who is a registered nurse, joins the Carpinteria team with 30 years of experience in management in the private sector and, most recently, experience as the RN Supervisor in the Women’s Health Department at the Santa Barbara Health Care Center, where she has worked since 2016.

An alumna of the California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, Gumber said she looks forward to using her management skills to collaborate with her team and the Carpinteria community. Gumber said she’ll will work to foster the Public Health Department’s mission: “To improve the health of our communities by preventing disease, promoting wellness, ensuring access to needed health care, and maintaining a safe and healthy environment.”

“Our clinic provides services for all ages,” said Gumber. “I am most inspired to work in public health by the physicians, nurse practitioners, behavioral health specialists, medical assistants and office professionals who I work side-by-side with each day. We have an amazing staff at the Carpinteria clinic who demonstrate their commitment to our patients daily.”

The Carpinteria Clinic also partners with HopeNet to manage Carp Connect, also located at 941 Walnut Ave. Multiple health service agencies in the city provide services to residents collaboratively at the Carp Connect location with the goal of enhancing and expanding access to comprehensive behavioral health services for residents, reducing the number of residents who otherwise might have to travel to Santa Barbara or Ventura or forego services.

For information on the Carpinteria Health Care Center or Carp Connect, call the clinic at (805) 560-1050 or visit

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