Candidates 2018

Candidates for Carpinteria City Council are, from left, incumbents Gregg Carty and Al Clark, Roy Lee and Darwin Ringling, and incumbent Brad Stein.  

WEEK 1: Introduce yourself and tell the community why you are running for City Council.

Al Clark

I have lived in Carpinteria for 32 years with my wife, Kathleen Lord. We raised three children here, Ben, Charis, and Spencer. Now we have two grandchildren, Adam and Jeremy Haines who attend local schools. Our family loves our small town beach community.

I graduated from San Marcos High School and UCSB. I went on to receive a Master’s Degree from CSUSD. My experiences working as an Industrial Safety Engineer and operating a small business have alerted me to the challenges local businesses face.   

Serving on the City’s Finance Committee, I have the experience and judgment necessary to “Keep Carpinteria Carpinteria.” I will protect City finances and strike the balance of supporting local businesses, while resisting corporate intrusion into citizen government.

As a past president of the Carpinteria Valley Association and the Carpinteria Creek Committee, and a co-founder of the Carpinteria Sealwatch, I have worked to strike a balance that protects Carpinteria’s resources for all Carpinterians. 

We must avoid the hazards of oil drilling and fracking, prepare to address natural disasters and sea level rise, and plan for future uses of the former Venoco site and Bluffs I ("Tee Time").

As a Director of the Carpinteria Valley Arts Council and a volunteer working with underserved children through “Bellas Artes,” I support arts education programs. I also volunteer for the California Avocado Festival and for Help of Carpinteria.

I serve on the City’s General Plan Update Committee, the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments, the County Air Pollution Control District Board of Directors, and on the Central Coast Collaborative on Homelessness.

Decades of community service and my prior work with the City demonstrate my deep commitment to preserving Carpinteria's small town character. 

As your City Council Member, my priority is serving the broadest public interest and keeping Carpinteria welcoming to residents, small businesses and visitors alike. I keep an open mind on all issues. I research the facts, consult with experts and listen to your input before making every decision.    

We can maintain our small family-oriented beach town quality of life with good planning and sound fiscal management. I look forward to tackling important issues like improving traffic and parking conditions, funding essential services, maintaining programs for youth and seniors, supporting local small businesses, protecting Carpinteria's affordable housing and establishing a dog park. 

Thank you for your vote and your trust. Together we can Keep Carpinteria Carpinteria.


Roy Lee

My family and I have called Carpinteria our home for over 25 years and are proud to be the owners and operators of Uncle Chen's restaurant since 1993. I graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a Bachelor’s degree in History, yet the accomplishments I am most honored by are being married to my wife Tina for over 12 years and raising our three children Taison, Madison and Ellison. As a resident, a supporter of various local non-profit organizations, and business owner, my family and I have established a respectable reputation in Carpinteria that I hope to build upon by putting my experience to work as a member of the City Council.

I am running for Carpinteria City Council because I want to contribute my experience to help address the challenges facing our community, such as public safety, economic stability, and ensuring our youth have access to quality education and community resources.

Public safety: Work to ensure families continue to live in a safe and clean environment by addressing the needs of the homeless population, the need for more lighted crosswalks and investing more resources to secure the safety and accessibility of our parks, bike paths and structures.

Economic stability: Keeping our community small-business friendly; making sure mom-and-pop business continue to thrive by keeping retail chains and big-box stores out.

Investing in our youth: As a father of school-aged children, I have a vested interest in ensuring our local public schools are able to excel at educating and caring for our children. Our youth are the future of this city and we must give them the tools and community resources to succeed and grow, such as a skate park and dog park. I support educating the youth about respect—respecting their elders, first responders and the environment.

I understand that in order to ensure that Carpinteria moves into the future while maintaining its unique characteristics, it will require new ideas and new wells of experience to pull from. As a new member to the City Council, I will be able to contribute both. I appreciate your vote.


Darwin Ringling

My wife and I love living in our wonderful and unique coastal community of Carpinteria. I am proud to call this charming small town, nestled between the ocean and the mountains, my home.  

I am running for Carpinteria City Council because I believe the decisions they make really matter to our city’s future and our quality of life. As a licensed Certified Management Accountant, a licensed Certified Financial Manager, a degreed Master of Business Administration who works locally as a financial consultant, I believe I can bring a unique skill set to help the City Council become even more effective at serving our community.  

In addition to having a background as a chief financial officer for several non-profits and a financial controller for several for profit organizations, I have also served on the board of many organizations. However, it’s not just the fact I know my way around budgets and know how to wisely maximize our tax dollars, I am also good at working with people, even people who don’t agree with me. It’s partly my demeanor, my personality and my approach. I truly care about the people of Carpinteria and want the best for them and our city. 

I am good at getting through an agenda efficiently and keeping meetings running. I have a good grasp of the complexity of laws and contracts. I realize the decisions and rules the councilmembers enact affect our neighborhoods, our businesses, our environment, our livelihood and our future sustainability—so I take them very seriously.      

I believe some of our highest priorities are: public safety, preserving and improving the natural beauty of our environment, economic vitality, budget management, education, relieving traffic congestion and supporting our local businesses. 

I want Carpinteria to continue to be a safe place for people to walk and ride their bikes, especially our children. I want to encourage our community to shop and dine locally.  By shopping locally our businesses can expand their services and offer more competitive prices. I pledge to you that I will work hard to protect and enhance our quality of life and give you the best value for your tax dollars from our $17,939,467 budget.


Brad Stein

I was born and raised in Burbank. Growing up, I spent a great deal of time in Carpinteria. In 1980, I moved here permanently with my wife Carla. We have been married 39 years and have three grown sons. I am a 41-year employee of Union Pacific Railroad and in 1990 I was elected to the Carpinteria City Council.

Prior to being on City Council, I served on the Carpinteria Citizens Advisory Board and the Downtown/Waterfront Revitalization Committee, because keeping Carpinteria a small, safe, family-oriented community starts with a well maintained, safe and visually appealing downtown and beach.

It is an honor and a privilege to have served on our City Council for 28 years. I am proud of what has been accomplished: new sports fields and a nature preserve on the Carpinteria Bluffs, completion of the Salt Marsh Park, the Community Garden Park, the revitalization of our downtown and the preservation of our single family neighborhoods, to name a few accomplishments.

I voted to keep "big box" stores out and for the hiring of an Economic Development Director to work with existing businesses and reach out to new businesses making sure everyone gets the support they need from our city. And we've kept the business license fee at the 1990 rate, making our business license fee the lowest in the state.

Our small businesses benefit from First Friday, the Buy Locally Policy, the Host Program and other city sponsored programs and events.

Besides our small businesses, I have placed a high priority on programs that serve our youth and have always supported local sports teams, senior citizens, the arts center and our library.

Carla and I raised our three sons here. All attended Carpinteria schools, were active in sports and went on to play sports in college. Eric, an Annapolis graduate, is a US Navy pilot proudly serving our country. Jeremy is a chemical engineer and Kevin is in his senior year of college.

Serious challenges lie ahead. One is to preserve Carpinteria's identity as a small, safe, family-oriented community. Another is to ensure that our city remains financially sound. I understand these challenges and will continue working hard to address them.

I am proud to have served the community I love. With your vote, I will continue to do so and will always put Carpinteria first.

Gregg Carty

Carpinteria has a special place in my heart. I grew up here, living in the same neighborhood for over 50 years. I married my wife, Geri, 35 years ago, and we raised our two daughters Angela and Caitlin. Angela is now married and also living in Carpinteria with her husband Josh and our grandchild Leo. We are four generations strong.

My children and I were fortunate to go to school here. It was a wonderful and interesting experience, although I always was aware that my father Bill Carty, as the Superintendent of Schools, kept a watch on me. I grew up with an interest in fixing things and took up carpentry as my profession. My brother Martin and I formed Carty Brothers Construction Company, and have built and worked on many homes and buildings in the community. I have specialized in custom carpentry for over 40 years.  Carpinteria is our home. 

I’ve served on our City Council for the past 12 years. It is my goal to see Carpinteria continue to thrive and prosper. I have the experience, vision, fairness and attention to detail that is necessary to be a productive member of our council. I treasure Carpinteria.  We’ve been able to preserve its unique beach town beauty while allowing for expansion and economic opportunity. I strongly support all Carpinterians, especially our senior citizens whose needs include affordable housing and public transportation.

As a councilman, I have been Vice Mayor and Mayor. I’ve served on the Beach Erosion for Clean Oceans and Nourishment Board, Santa Barbara Joint Housing Task Group, Public Facility Site Acquisition/Development Committee, South Coast Task Force on Youth Safety, City Council/School Board Committee and City Council/Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors’ Committee, among others.

I feel I have demonstrated the leadership skills, vision, fairness and attention to detail, motivation and experience necessary to continue to be a productive member of our City Council. 

I thank this wonderful community for its cooperation and support and look forward to continuing to serve as your council member.


Next week’s question:

Over the next two years, City Council will face a range of environmental issues. What is your stance on fracking in the Carpinteria Valley? What actions do you think the City should take to adapt to sea level rise?

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