At its July 11 meeting, the Carpinteria Architectural Review Board (ARB) held a preliminary review of a project to remodel and change an existing single-family dwelling and detached garage/second unit at 1112 Linden Ave. into a four-unit condominium development. 

One member of the board was absent, and the remaining ARB members voted 2-2 on each of two motions in a failed effort to find a majority position. The project was neither recommended for denial, per the first motion, nor continued with comments, per the second motion. Since the ARB is an advisory body, the applicant can choose to have the project reviewed by the Planning Commission without a recommendation from the ARB or schedule another hearing by the ARB with the full board present.

The project entails enlarging an existing single-family residence by 251 square feet and splitting it into two attached units; plans also divide an existing detached garage/second unit building into two units without enlarging it. Expanded parking areas and updated landscaping and utilities are proposed as part of the project. The property is an 11,085-square-foot parcel zoned Planned Residential Development. 

A similar project that included five units on the property was approved by the Planning Commission last year, then appealed and denied by the City Council in November. Though the new project was reduced by one unit, ARB members commented that the project remains incompatible with the neighborhood and would exacerbate parking issues and raise safety concerns caused by vehicles entering and exiting the driveway. One member of the public who lives near the proposed project site made similar comments at the meeting.

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