Aubry Watkins

Aubry Watkins spent every summer growing up visiting her grandparents in Carpinteria.

One of the Carpinteria Woman’s Club’s newest classes focuses on relaxation, offering a chance to wind down for the night. 

Aubry Watkins, who recently moved back into the area, is leading a candlelight hatha yoga class at the Carpinteria Woman’s Club. Watkins brings 10 years of practicing yoga to the table, and got certified to teach just last year. 

Watkins spent every summer growing up visiting her grandparents in Carpinteria; she grew up in Idaho and lived in Carpinteria for a few years in 2015, before returning to the area recently. 

“Carpinteria holds a very special place in my heart,” she said. “We have this family house here in town, so I had this opportunity to move here and try it out.” 

When she previously lived in Carpinteria, she attended the Woman’s Club yoga classes and “fell in love with it.” 

“I thought when I was going to those classes, ‘I want to be here, teaching people.’ I believe I’m actually in it right now.” 

Watkins previously taught a yoga class in Idaho, which shut down in-person operations due to Covid-19. She said she attempted teaching yoga online, but said it “didn’t feel right.” When she came back to the area, she decided to reignite her passion for yoga by teaching at the Woman’s Club. 

She said she is excited to return to teaching yoga, especially in Carpinteria; the class is one of the few yoga classes offered in Carpinteria itself, and Watkins said she has heard from class attendees so far that it’s nice to not have to drive “all the way to Santa Barbara” for evening classes. 

“(Hatha yoga) is a way for me to slow the heartrate down and get into this ‘rest and digest down,’” she said. “Your parasympathetic nervous system starts kicking in, and it helps you slow everything down so you can sleep.” 

“It’s not a class to really come and sweat – mine is more of a gentle flow. There’s a flow to it, you can feel your heart start to pump in the beginning. We get everyone warmed up a bit, and then we do a lot more slow, static postures,” she added. “It’s balance of bringing it into alignment, of bringing the moon into calmness, and that’s where the postures and the breathwork come into play.” 

Attendees should bring mats, water and layers, Watkins said. 

Currently, Watkins is offering 10 spots, per Covid-19 restrictions; she hopes to later be able to expand to 12. All mats are set up six feet apart, and all doors and windows will remain open during the practice. Masks should be worn until attendees are settled at their mats. 

“I absolutely love offering it to the community, and especially I couldn’t believe coming for Idaho, the rates for yoga classes here in California are high,” she said. “I’m happy to be in the community, helping others come back to the present moment.” Watkins offers her classes at the rate of $15, which is lower than most area studios.

Yoga classes are held on Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. To learn more, contact

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