Connor Nemetz

Founder of the Breakaway Bike, Connor Nemetz, came up with the idea of a stowaway stationary bike when he struggled to find the space and time he needed to keep up his training while traveling.

Carpinterian Connor Nemetz has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for his company Breakaway Industries and their new Breakaway Bike. On the first day of crowdfunding, the company was 200% funded.

The Breakaway Bike is a professional-quality, portable/stowaway,  stationary bike, allowing riders to work out from home or the office without sacrificing space.

Along with space savings, the Breakaway Bike offers significant cost savings when compared to other stationary bikes.

Breakaway Bike started as a solution to a problem that Nemetz, founder and triathlete, was facing. A career in tech sales meant Nemetz was traveling 10-15 days each month. It was a challenge to fit in the bike training he needed to maintain and build his fitness while training for triathlons. Nemetz set out to design a portable, professional quality  stationary bike that could go anywhere with him, allowing him to maintain and build his fitness.

To make his dream a reality, Nemetz partnered with John Stump, a crowdfunding veteran with 23 years’ experience of product development and engineering.

The Breakaway Bike comes in two options. One option comes with standard bluetooth connectivity that tracks metrics such as cadence, speed and distance. The second option, for those serious about training, has a bluetooth enabled power meter, giving users access to power-based apps such as Zwift and Trainerroad.

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