Henri Grimm

Henri Grimm offers house calls and on-site training for repairing, restoring and maintaining electronic devices and computers.

It’s Monday and you’ve just sat down to your computer. You place your coffee mug in its usual spot and settle in. Your phone rings and as you stretch your arm to turn off the ringer, your elbow brushes the mug, toppling it onto your laptop.

Not a problem. Dukky Repair & Recovery, a computer and iPhone repair business, is right around the corner on Linden Avenue. At the shop, Henri Grimm scans your device. You wonder if you can trust Henri to get the job done—you can.

The best business advice Henri’s ever received is to always be honest. When I asked if it’s worked for him, his response was a resounding, yes! “I hear too many horror stories from other repair shops that either mislead customers or are simply lying to the customer,” Henri said. “I try to be as transparent as I can with everyone that comes through my door. People appreciate it and that has led to many happy customers.”

Henri’s journey in this field began five years ago when his “interest in technology and taking things apart” led to a job at a Mac Super Store. At first, he checked in computers and answered questions, then he progressed to technician, and later lead technician. But, when a competitor bought the business, he juggled a few jobs before deciding what to do. “I quickly realized two things,” Henri said. “I want to work for myself, and I love fixing things.”

With an interest in entrepreneurship, he made the decision to start small and he found a mentor in the process. In 2016, he joined forces with Daniel Guerrera of iGeeks, a Santa Barbara tech repair company, renting half of his iPhone repair store to offer computer repair. “Over the next year, I spent time learning new repairs and expanding my skill set,” Henri said. “The business grew and started to make a profit.” He’s since expanded his list of services to include phones, tablets and a variety of on-site services and training sessions. Luckily, expansion also led to Ducky Repair & Recovery in Carpinteria.

Being a repair shop can mean all sorts of things, so what makes Dukky stand out? “Many things set us apart from other repair shops, yet I feel the most important one is our customer service,” Henri said. He explained that listening to the customer’s needs to find a solution is number one and he’s quick to admit that honesty is also the key to their success.

“Everyone always tells me how much they dread going to the Genius Bar at Apple and I want to provide the opposite,” Henri said. “I want it to be an easy, enjoyable experience. We try to explain repairs in a way that the customer will understand, without patronizing them.”

In addition to screen repair and data recovery for Mac and PC computers, “and every other device under the sun,” Dukky also specializes in component-level repair, a service you won’t find at other shops. What is “component level repair,” you ask? “This means re-soldering or replacing chips and other small parts on motherboards under a microscope,” Henri explained. “This also allows us to have a much better understanding of what is happening on a circuit level, which we use to diagnose problems more efficiently and with greater certainty.” Dukky’s mission is “repair over replacement” of devices in order to soften the impact on the environment and your wallet.

Henri’s best advice to young entrepreneurs is: “Work hard, think critically, and be honest. It will get you much further in life and business.”

Dukky Repair & Recovery is located at 919 Linden Ave, Unit B. For more information, call (805) 722-0663 or visit dukkyrepair.com.

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