GYDO is a gifting platform designed to digitize the age-old concept of buying a friend a drink.

Community members concerned about the survival of their favorite small businesses amidst the coronavirus crisis can show their support, and offset lost revenue, by purchasing digital gift cards on the mobile app GYDO (Get Your Drink On).

GYDO is a gifting platform designed to digitize the age-old concept of buying a friend a drink. Drinks purchased on the GYDO app function like a digital gift certificate to a specific venue. To support local businesses in this time of uncertainty, GYDO has modified its existing platform to offer custom gift cards to its participating venues. The gift cards can be redeemed once venues reopen, and in most cases, businesses receive the funds immediately. The recipient of the gift card does not need to be a GYDO app user. Individuals can select to buy a gift card for themselves or for a friend.

GYDO Founder Ryan Williams said, “With the recent ‘shelter in place’ orders, our local businesses are facing a new reality, and—let’s be honest—it sucks. We created GYDO to support our local breweries and wineries, and during this time of uncertainty, that mission is more important than ever. Many small businesses are not set up to sell gift cards on their websites. This is where we can help; our platform gives businesses a way to offer gift cards to their customers, and generate income during this time of closure.“

Additionally, the startup has launched a Covid-19 relief fund for bartenders and servers. To donate, individuals can make cash contributions at or by purchasing a custom-designed “Support Local” T-shirt for $35. One hundred percent of the entire campaign profits will go to the relief fund.

For more information for businesses or customers, contact Ryan Williams at (805) 284-5213 or

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