“Leaf Learning”

The “Leaf Learning” seminar at the Carpinteria Woman’s Club on June 26 was hosted by Carpinteria-based KopSun.

A gathering of about 50, generally older (think 60-plus) Carpinterians heard Tina Fanucci-Frontado, Dr. Margaret Peterson, Liz Rogan and representatives from Glass House, Autumn Brands and Cresco farms extol the health benefits of the ancient and medically proven cannabis plant.

The “Leaf Learning” seminar at the Carpinteria Woman’s Club on June 26, hosted by KopSun, focused on specific applications of cannabis in the form of edibles, patches, tinctures and balms. Old-fashioned joint toking was de-emphasized, although the vaping option was mentioned.

Fanucci-Frontado stated that most CBD tinctures available at health food stores originate in China, and only offer an “isolate” compound from the plant, whereas locally grown cannabis utilizes the whole plant for more effective medical benefits. She also noted that plants grown and sold in California dispensaries are tagged and tracked from cultivation to processing and eventual sales.

When it comes to THC (the intoxicating element of the cannabis plant), Fanucci-Frontado urged those new to the effects to “go low and slow,” as getting too high can be an unpleasant—though not physically dangerous—experience.

Dr. Peterson spoke of her work in integrated medicine and stated that THC is the effective element in treating pain—there is “no relief from suffering with CBD,” she said.

Graham Farrar of Glass House farms announced that his dispensary, Farmacy, will open in Santa Barbara in August, serving those who are 21 and older. In the context of ongoing controversy surround cannabis cultivation in the Carpinteria Valley, Farrar said, “Meetings like this one are where stigmas get torn down,” adding, “thanks for coming with an open mind to learn about this new frontier.”


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