Thomas Richter

Thomas Richter, right, is CA Gold Studios’ new owner. He teaches over 30 styles of dance. 

Thomas Richter, longtime champion ballroom dancer, is now running the CA Gold Studio in Carpinteria. 

The studio had previously closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, founder Diane Meehan, who first opened the studio three years ago, said. Meehan will still continue to teach dance at the studio. 

“I found this space and fell in love with it,” she said. “I wanted to have a space for the community to enjoy ballroom dance (…) And then Covid-19 hit, and the studio was closed for over a year, and when it reopened, I thought it was time to open the studio to someone else.” 

Meehan, a champion ballroom dancer, said that Richter has taken over the studio and is “bringing the studio back to life.” 

“We’re just getting started, it’s like starting the business all over again,” she said. 

Richter teaches over 30 styles of dance. He has been dancing for 20 years, he said; he started out as a country line dancer; then he learned Latin dancing and salsa; and later, he tackled ballroom dancing. 

“This opportunity came up to run the studio,” he said. “Dance has been one of my passions.”

Richter said he hopes to focus on bridging the dance community at this precarious time, since “a lot of (dancers) have been away from the activity for so long.” 

“When we’ve had some of the group classes and events, people haven’t seen each other in a really long time and people are reconnecting,” he emphasized. 

However, he noted that the studio is putting private lessons at the forefront at the moment, as both a health and safety measure due to the rise in Covid-19 cases. 

“I think more of my focus is on offering private lessons as a new business owner in the area,” he added. “My hope is that people would really draw to that and say, ‘You know, I always wanted to learn salsa or Argentine tango and try something different.’”

The studio teaches several styles of dance, including tango, swing dance, ballroom and Latin dances, among others. 

California Gold Studio is located at located at 4647 Carpinteria Ave. Learn more by calling (805) 881-8370 or by vising 

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Great to hear there will be a dance studio. Will there be moonwalking, hip hop... things like that? They had a dance studio where I used to live and a lot of young people attended there.... it seemed like a really fantastic place for them to put their energies and creative talents, and focus. This may not be the same but ;m sure it will be a positive addition to the community. Dance on!

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