Since Ali Uzuntepe opened the doors of Sade Turkish Coffee & Delights in January in the Carpinteria Business Park next to great neighborhood businesses like Che Empanadas and Juice Ranch, the charming raconteur has been providing the community of Carpinteria with “the authentic taste and cultural experience of Turkish coffee and pastries.” 

Originally from Turkey, Uzuntepe strives to represent his native culture well. “I want to show the right way we do it in Turkey,” said Uzuntepe. From working in the restaurant business for over 30 years, starting as a food runner and working his way up to running restaurants, Uzuntepe has learned that strong customer relationships, great service and quality products are the key to success for any business. 

It was always my dream to open a business with amazing service and products,” he said. “I find that each day at the shop, I don’t feel like I’m working. Each customer feels like a friend. In Turkish culture, it is an honorable thing when people come to your place. All who enter Sade, will be shown the utmost respect and true Turkish hospitality. Life is not just about business and earning money. Life is a beautiful time, especially when you share it with your friends. At Sade, we always say, ‘eat with love and share with love.’”  

In Turkish, sade means simplicity and humility. It reflects Uzuntepe’s approach towards his business. He commented, “I don’t like to exaggerate or complicate things. Simple things in life are beautiful and make life easier. Sade has the same goal as a company to be honest to the people and to do things the right way.

This philosophy is reflected in Uzuntepe’s delicacies which are succinct in size yet not lacking in flavor. “In America everything is too big,” he said. “The desserts are bigger than the meal! For the Turkish people, coffee is very special. It is served in a smaller cup and it takes a little longer to brew. Because of this, the process is meant to be enjoyed with a friend, making each coffee a special moment that brings joy and happiness into people’s lives. I believe that we have to get together and reflect positive energy, and Turkish coffee is a great way to do that. You can talk for hours over this little cup of coffee, but in every sip you get a different flavor. Good taste is always memorable and it makes it a special experience.”

Uzuntepe makes everything himself including the wall paneling in his café, which took two weeks to build. Coffee beans take hard work to be harvested, roasted and served the right way but for Uzuntepe, the process is worth it. Uzuntepe learned how to make coffee while growing up in Turkey and refined his skills studying under Turgay Yildiz, the 2013 World Coffee Champion. “When coffee lovers experience this, they will be especially pleased by the result and especially if they pair their coffee with baklava,” said Uzuntepe. “I make my coffee special for everybody to provide the best coffee experience possible.”   

Sade also serves baklava, a delicious, authentic and sweet pastry dessert, baked to a golden amber flaky crust. Handcrafted in Turkey, Uzuntepe’s baklava is made with 40 to 50 sheets of gossamer-thin dough, drizzled with high quality butter, and generously dusted with nutrient-rich pistachios. “For people like me, you grow up with a specific taste that is really hard to find in another country,” he said. “Baklava is a dessert that is so hard to find in America because of the way they make the fineness of the dough. I know people who miss that taste as much as I do.”

To taste Uzuntepe’s authentic Turkish coffee and baklava, visit Sade at 4189 Carpinteria Ave. or shop online at



Brenda Tan is a columnist and a freelance writer. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English, Writing and Literature, and Art History with an emphasis in Museum Studies at UCSB. She can be reached at

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Didn’t a new wine tasting room open up close by?


The business park is really turning into quite a food court. Glad to see some new options that are not pizza or Mexican food.

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